Friday, 9 October 2009

The Victorian Tea Party

I went Brennan's class Victorian Tea Party. I was the unofficial photographer. The photographer came from the local paper...took 2 snaps and went. Well she wasn't impressive....and today was the showing of the photos to the 2 classes and teachers. Well I would love nothing more than show you the beautiful photos I took but I am not allowed to. I did a deal of sorts...I took the photos and gave them to the teachers...and guess what the upside is? We are hoping to sell them as a fundraiser for the class...and....Robyn Regan Photography is on each photo. I took a lot of shots of individual children. So...hopefully the parents will want to have me photograph their children eventually. Oh and one of the teachers asked how long I have been a photographer....I told her a month...she didn't believe


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you go girlfriend..kudos!!! cute photo of your handsome Brennan..;)

Robby said...

Thanks Gina...I had a great time. I photographed a baby today and have just edited them. I am waiting for the Mum to email me. I hope she doesn't forget. She was eyeing me off in the cafe this afternoon.....begging me to photograph her...well that is my story and I a sticking to it... :)


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Robby how are popular now - what's going to happen if you get even more popular as a photographer.
You can hang a shingle out at your home with all kinds of 'talents' listed.

Donna said...

I would have loved to be at that tea party! Cute fella! You're on a roll here lately - keep on going!

Robby said...

Thanks for all of the comments. I appreciate them.

The fella in the photo is my guy....that is why he is on my blog.