Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Todays pics

I haven't had a chance to edit the photos yet...but couldn't leave you all here are two. The first one is of a butterfly that we was carried by Brennan for about 1/2 mile! He then got it home...put it on lavender and it promptly flew away. The other one is of strangers golfing. Brennan and I also got a photo of a sqirrel. It isn't very good....when I get a good one I will post it.

I am cooking my favorite lasagne recipe. It is so yummy....Pete has been doing overtime so it will be nice for him to come home and have his favorite meal.


Donna said...

Love that pic of the butterfly! And I'll be right over for a bite of that lasagne!

Robby said...

I have 3 servings of leftovers left if you can wing it over. Jordan's friend was here when I was cooking and ended up staying. He said it smelt so good. xxxRobby

Linda said...

Robby.............Just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying all of your photos! I even went way back to your old posts to see what kind of camera you bought!
I was going to look you up if you came to the Simple Goods Show.

Robby said...

Thanks Linda. I love my camera. It is a Nikon D70 and I also have photoshop to give the colour a bit of a lift at times...not that I touched the two photos there...only to add my siggy.

I am sorry to say I won't be coming over....I got the camera instead. There will be a lot of praying going on to go over to photograph a friends wedding in 30 days!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love lasagna..I have a great recipe for lasagna rollups..I am going to have to make those..they are sooo good..thanks for the reminder...:)

SayRah said...

Love the Butterfly! You know I'm the butterflychic! LoL. Ooo! I need your lasagna recipe! I'm always on the lookout for more--it is my DH FAVORITE meal, ever.

Thanks for sharing! :)

((hugs & blessings))

Robby said...

Sarah if you email me I will send you the recipe. It is yummy!!!