Friday, 23 October 2009

Our 'new' car and the girls I am photographing!

Well it is our new secondhand car. This is not the exact car....but it exactly like it. We had to go and get my bracelet that I lost at the restaurant last week. On the way home we went 'looking' at the car yards. We came across the car that is exactly like this one but only has 15,900 miles on the clock!!!! We pick it up on Tuesday! Do you know....when we lived here the first time...we had a Fiat Punto and a Peugeot 307.....and now we have the same cars again!!!! The car was mean't for us. It was the first car that caught my eye a couple of weeks ago....and then the salesman told me that the car had been 'sold' on the weekend but the buyers didn't get the finance!!!! That car was mean't to be ours. I am a wheeler 20 GBP of petrol, 4 car mats and 76 GBP off....I hate paying the list price for The car was such a bargain as it was. The wasn't smoked in!!!

Also....this is a photo of Robin Leuschen's beautiful girls. On the left is Ashley who is getting married and Taylor who is turning 16 on the 4th of November. If you would like to surprise her for her birthday with a me for her address....she will love it.

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