Saturday, 3 October 2009

My beautiful boy

This is Brennan on the way to school yesterday. He was wearing the hood off the coat I was wearing. It was freezing...and my legs were red by the time I got home....and I wasn't wearing a mini skirt! I need thermals this winter!

I went into the thrift store and got a great piece of grey wool...really big..whooohooo....more penny rugs will be made. I also got two huge candles. I am saving them up...want to melt them down and make new candles...just remembered...need a candle mold. Well lucky for me I was carrying a back pack...look like a total photo geek!!! Unlucky for the lady in the thrift store...I forgot it was on my back and tried to squeeze past and knocked into her. I make such a kerfuffle there...another was super quiet so I tried to do a 'quiet' sneeze...and farted!!!! I was so embarrassed...but managed to walk home laughing all the way...looked like a lunatic!!!....ahhh the joys of being me :)


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH Robby, your farting is making laugh so hard...:) oh my goober..oh I can't stop farting..just laughing...:)

Robby said...

Oh Gina it was so silent in there....I didn't want to 'noisy up' the though I would be so polite and 'silent sneeze'...who'da thought that my bum wouldn't co-operate?????