Wednesday, 7 October 2009

More strangers and a dog

This dog is like Tucker, Gina's dog....well sort of. I took the photo for Gina..hope you like it.

I papped this couple reading the newspaper in the sun. The story that they are reading is about the Opposition Leader, David Cameron pledges on North Sea taxes to maximise oil recovery. I think this photo was interesting with the page open. Gives it a bit more interest.

This couple live in a little funky area called Footdee (said Fittie). The cottages have little sheds across from the houses. They were sitting having a smoke (he had a cigar)...I asked them to take their photo...the fellow wanted to pose for me...I waited till he stopped and snapped a few shots. I overexposed this shot and I think it suits them.

Yesterday when I was at the beauty salon I had my camera and a guy out the front put on a I took photos of him too.


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Your photos are amazing.. All of us state side are drooling, I am sure ! I know I am. Everything is so quaint and old and Europe as a whole has to be the utimate antique !
Since I am part Scot Irish, I really have an interest in Scotland, and I really appreciate your blog and photos !

The highland cows are really cute ! The harbor photos are beautiful !


Robby said...

Thanks Linda. I have had a great time with the camera. I would love to come over and photograph America with this camera. I got it a year or so too late.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Love the stinky puppy..he looks like Tucker.I love the one of the couple that you over really looks neat...great job missy..;)

Robby said...

Gina when I saw that dog, I immediately thought of you guys!!! I do love that overexposed photo too! I bought a book yesterday called Photoshop Made Easy...and bought the elements 8 watch this space...lets hope I can learn and manipulate great