Friday, 29 May 2009

My husband, Pete

My husband is so clever. Finally after 3 years of study...well not straight. We went home for 10 months and he didn't study for a while. Today was D Day!!!! He rang Zurich to find out the results of his essay and the lady that he needed to talk to was out of the office. I am a pain...if I need to know something, then I find out. So I rang Zurich back and told the guy what I needed to know. Pete was mowing the lawn when I did this. I found out and went outside to tell him. Well I happily gave Pete is results....the final test..............and.......are you getting impatient??????? He got 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now just to wait for the CAA to grant him a reduction and then to apply and get his engineering license!!!!!!

Please blogland friend.....pray for him. He is so brilliant. I love him to bits.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

More photos of my items for sale

I took some more photos of what I have been doing to show how they could be displayed.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My offerings for Lemon Poppy Seeds for the 1st

If you are interested in purchasing any of these things just hit the email button on the side. I accept paypal and will send an invoice to you. I have been working hard this week creating original pieces. I haven't used a full pattern for any of these. The cross stitch patterns were from Primitive Betty and Stacy Nash.

I thought I would give my blog readers a sneak peek before I list these items on my Poppy Shoppe.

This doll is a Angie Spencer. She is $17 USD and includes postage.
Another Angie Spencer doll. She is $17 USD and includes postage.
This wall pocket is 8 x 10 inches. I love the 2 strawberries hanging off the it a summer feel. It is $24 and includes postage.
This wall pocket is a bit more expensive. The cross stitch takes up a lot of time. It is 11 1/4 x 8 inches. This item is $32 USD including postage.
This wall pocket is 10 x 8 inches. It is $24 and includes postage.
This is another Bettina and her crow that I have made. She is heavy!!! She is rag stuffed and looks beautiful. She is a pattern from Pineberry Lane. She is $55 and includes postage.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Wool wallhangings for sale

Well got the gas and electricity bill and have been having heart failure!!!! So...this blog is also going to be a selling blog. If you would like to buy anything from me just email me.

This Uncle Sam wallhanging is 7 1/2 x 11 1/4. The background is on osnaberg. It is reminds me of a child's drawing....but it is just mine. This wallhanging is $15 and includes postage.

This flower basket is lovely for your summer decorating. It is 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 and the background is made out of an old feed sack. The flowers are all wool and have been handstitched. It is $15 and includes postage.

Another spin on the Liberty Wallhanging

Look at what I made the other day. I tell ya...I have a hole in my middle finger from the needle going straight into my skin!!!! I have another one ready to make but I am making it with osnaberg to see if it is more friendly to my fingers!!!

Inside the wall wall pocket is an Uncle Sam that I bought from Prims by Kim (Kim McKee) Kim is starting to sell patterns and I am looking forward to seeing the Uncle Sam pattern for sale.

I have also made something else totally different....and if you look on Lemon Poppy Seeds on the 1st you will see it.

Monday, 18 May 2009

For Sale

Bettina and her crow. She is rag stuffed and is super heavy. She is 21 inches tall. The pattern is from Pineberry Lane. $55 includes postage.
This is another Liberty wallhanging. The other one went to Australia. It is made from an old feed sack that I bought in Adamstown, PA. The wallhanging is 6.5 inches x 16.5 inches and the Uncle Sam is 14 inches tall. You can purchase this for $30 and includes postage. This one is sold but I can make another one if you would like one.
This rag doll is 19.5 inches tall. She is an Angie Spencer pattern. She is rag stuffed. She is $28 and includes postage.

I am still hoping to fund myself a trip to the I have been lucky enough to have the offer of wholesaling to a friend in the US. I am also selling on this blog. If you are wanting to buy from me please email me and I will send you my paypal details. All the prices include postage. All of the products used to make the dolls were purchased in the US and no doubt the money I make will see it's way back into the US economy.

I have been sewing....

I made 7 dolls...and one girl is still needing clothes. I do like this girl. She is a Angie Spencer doll. My other one that is for sale on my picturetrail has different arms and legs..I wonder what doll arms and legs I used on the other doll????? I took photos of all of the dolls I made but that camera I have is so fickle and some photos work and some don't...aarrrgghhh. Does anyone have the perfect point and shoot camera?

This week is a quiet week in the house...Pete is back to studying. Please pray for him for next week whilst he is in Switzerland on a course and on Thursday next week he is sitting the essay exam. As lots of you already know, Pete has been studying for around 3 years as well as working.

We have had some great neighbours in our time. One lot of neighbours were the Vohland's. When we bought our first house, Joe was always there for Pete with advice and friendship. They have been through so much in the last 13 years. Rae had a cold sore and it nearly killed her. She ended up with encefalitis (you know I have spelt it wrong...but I am trying to tell a story)...well she almost died and it was awful for everyone around them...I had never seen Joe look upset. Pete prayed for a miracle for Rae and he got an like a dill I went over all excited and told them that Rae was going to be fine. Well Rae pulled through. She did not get away with it unscathed...memory loss was one of the side effects that she suffered.

Rae and Joe's daughter has MS.
Rae and Joe's son Tim married a lovely girl named Kim. Kim got a brain tumour. She got pregnant and just before the due date the baby died. Kim is still alive. Thank God.
Rae and Joe's grandson, Ben got cancer at about 5 years old while they were living in Canada. He went into remission. Thank God!!!

Tragically on Thursday, Rae and Joe's daughter in law passed away from cancer. She is the mother of Ben. She also has 2 other children. Andrea was Canadian. Rest in peace Andrea. You were part of a wonderful family who loved you so much. Andrea was around my age.

I hope and pray that the Vohland's never suffer any more tragedy in their lives. They are the most loving family. They are all there for each other and love each other. They never bicker amongst each other and it is so refreshing to see.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Whew...deadline nearly made

I have been working away on bits and pieces but the 15th came too quickly for me. I have added 2 new things for this update on the Lemon Poppy shoppe. I hope you go and have a look. Erica (in Australia) bought the first Liberty Wall Hanging...thanks Erica....I told Pete that if that didn't sell then I would give up trying to sell. I have made another one if anyone is wanting one. I also made a cute Uncle Sam....with a big look of my favorite designer...Ms Jackie you would never guess that I loved her dolls would ya!!!

I did sell a stitchery on the poppy shoppe the other day....just got to get my postage the time I sent it...I made a quid but I was just happy to send away the craft item to Cynthia and threw in a surprise.

On another note....I got my hair dyed differently on Monday and I was wondering what it looked out comes the camera and I took pics of it. I do love the way Jamie does my hair. I will get it changed next month though to a darker brown...deep and shiny...and a brighter colour. I love funky hair!!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

What I have been doing.

Well it has been a week or so let me tell ya. I won't even go there.....just shed a lot of tears..yesterday being the worst. The medical centre receptionist is my least favorite person. I was late for an appointment last week and she wouldn't let me just slot back in....then get a crappy letter....just what I needed....then went to the appointment with an hour to spare...let a lady know that I was there...sat there and read 3 magazines...and waited until I got 25 mins after my alloted appointment...and asked last weeks receptionist why it was taking so long. She looked at me and told me the appointment was cancelled (she omitted to say...she cancelled it after I was booked in)....well after a few what tha's....and mouthing words your mamma wouldn't want to see....I stormed out of there in tears....took 7 mins to march home...I usually take 12!!!! Long story another appointment...and got some tablets to see if my bloating will disappear. So...hoping to be over the worst of my blues soon.

So much pressure being us at the moment. Pete is going to Switzerland in a week and a half to sit a course to finish his studying...(please God let this be the end)...and then he has had to send off a letter and heaps of proof to the CAA in the hope that they reduce his time from 5 years to 3 years in the civil aviation field. Pete has been doing his job for 20 years but alot of that has been on military helicopters. So.....if you are needing something to pray about....please....please....please pray for my sweet husband. He has worked and studied so hard and he needs to see the end of the books and the start of the payrise.

So....on another note....this is one of my offerings this month. She is my own little idea. Hope you like it. I am going to list it on Lemon Poppy Seeds for $30 plus postage. It is made from an old feedsack that I bought in Adamstown. The clothes for the Uncle Sam are osnaburg. The hanging pockets are 6 inches X 16.5 inches and the Uncle Sam is 13 inches tall.

If you are interested in purchasing this or ordering one then just email me.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Newburgh on Ythan Golf Course

Pete was on days off and nagged me to go to golf with him this morning....thanks was great. The weather was beautiful and the birds were chirping. The baby sheep were so cute. So thought I would show you a view from the might want to try your pretty pink clubs here!!!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More of Scotland

This is the roof line at the town hall in Inverurie.
In the UK and Europe there are clock towers everywhere....looking up is something I am always doing...the roof lines in towns are unreal.
This is Stonehaven harbour. The North Sea gets really wild and on a blustery day it makes you think of the poor fishermen out there.
This is a photo overlooking part of Stonehaven. I love all of the old buildings. I wonder what the builders of yesteryear would think when they see the buildings that aren't made to last now?????
This is a restaurant in Montrose. Talk about homesick. I found out that an American and a girl from Montrose met in Australia and got married and set up this restaurant....and the menu...American food???
I love this railway bridge. It is near Montrose. When you come around the bend in the road it is there...I knew this I had the camera ready.

There were a couple of people out on the beach drawing pics...Pete snapped this of the flag.

Yesterday was our 19th was a mixed bag of emotions let me tell was it a great Had a great chat with Jennifer the day ended up nice. Thanks Jen.

Okay...back to the photos...Last week Pete and I treked down to Montrose. Probably and hour and a half away. I am telling you...thrift shops...they were like boutiques..I think we saw 6 of the..and the village was only smallish.

We also went to Stonehaven for lunch. The Bervie Chipper has the BEST fish and chips!!! We drive an hour just to have them normally. Worth the drive too.

On Sunday we went to the car boot sale at Thainstone and I got some great bargains.

I hope you enjoy the pics of last week.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

This is what I have been doing...

I made this doll that is called Bettina and her Crow. She is a Pineberry Lane pattern....I am so happy that Wendy got e patterns!!! She is quite heavy...and has a home in Kentucky but can make to order if anyone wants one.