Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Same photograph...different effect

Photoshop is a huge learning curve. I am learning some things...but I probably forget as much as I am learning. I love how different one photo can look different just by altering it. If anyone has any tutorials about photoshop 7, I would appreciate the help.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Today's special picture.

This is a wonderful lady that I used to serve when I worked in a bank here. She was so lovely. I asked if I could take her photo and she said no at first...and I convinced her that she was a beautiful woman. Isn't she just gorgeous!!!! I think she is so sweet.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Finally photos signed!

Finally after a couple of days of figuring this my signature on my photos. Mmmmm what to learn tomorrow????

Sunday, 27 September 2009

So...what did I see today?

Today was totally different to yesterday!!!! Breezy and wild. The sky was beautiful.
I love this cow. I would love to clean it's eyes though.
This sheep was really beautiful..I just wanted to hug it.
I loved seeing these guys chatting. They finally spotted me paping them.
These signs are at Cruden Bay Golf Course...rated up about 150 in the world.
Pete and Brennan in deep conversation. Cruden Bay Golf Course.
Whinnyfold...wild and windy!!!
These 2 chooks looked so cool...all fluffed up and having a fun day.
These are the ships out in the North Sea.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sunny and warm ....and it is Autumn!!!

The boys made other arrangements Pete and I went driving. We drove for 3 1/2 hrs..not including time spent out of the car. Talk about exhausted!!! I got a couple of doozie photos and was happy that the camera took great sports shots of a game of Rugby Union. But....the shot of the day was these old ladies. I think it is brilliant...and they all were doing the same cool!!!! Hope it puts a smile on your face. I do love stalking people!!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

What a wonderful, warm day!!!

I woke up this morning on a mission....see yesterday I HAD to get a new Donna before you get up me...I couldn't afford to get the Nikon 18-200mm VR thought I would have to get one now...and then get the super dooper one maybe next year and I couldn't wait for a len. So...don't choke on your cornflakes...I bought a Tamron 70-300mm lens. This is what I produced from it.
These two mates looked like they were having the nicest time. The weater was lovely and they looked so relaxed. I zoomed right in on them ...and they didn't know. :)

This wonderful older gent was such a nice man. He is 4 months. He was a missionary..has a son and a daughter..his wife has died and she was 92. He told me so much about himself. I really enjoyed talking to him. Might run into him again one day I hope. He was so bright. He worried about his memory and I made him laugh when I reminded him that in the past 93 years he has stored so much information in his head so it is okay if he forgets a few things.

This little family were gorgeous. The greens keeper was mowing and his mum kept telling him that he was after him. He was worried...and looked straight into the cute!!!

And finally....I couldn't wipe the smile off my face!!! It is a bit blurry....because I was shaking with sxcitement!!!! What a wonderful day!!!! Photography is a fantastic hobby!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Discovering Oyne

Today Angela picked me up to take me to a special place. She told me about Oyne and boy was I blown away. I took some photos to share with you all. The first photo is of the dining area. The ceiling was great.
I loved this area. As I walked from the store area that was the sight I saw. I love it. I could imagine it being in my home.
The cushions on the sofa were beautiful.
The pictures above the mantle were beautiful. not prim...but I would love them.
These cakes look so tasty!!!! I forgot to have one!!! The whole setting is beautiful at was a wonderful place.
I had half eaten my soup and then I remembered to photograph it!!! It was so tasty!!!
This is a Scottish version of a log
Check out the cow on the left...he looked was spooky!!!
This one just was so desperate to have it's photo taken.
This is the farmer's house...think I could handle that!!!

It was a lovely day...still feeling sick..and got carsick on the way over there. Did I tell you I am sick of this virus....I am not calling it a is worse that that. On a good blood test from last week came up fine. So...why am I so tired???

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I am learning...sort of

I was interested to learn to sign my photos. I haven't thought up a name or signature for my pictures yet. If you have any ideas...please let me know. I was in the supermarket yesterday and happened to see a guy with a photographic magazine..bought the magazine...and there is a free disc there will tutorials.

I know it is only a virus...but I am still sick!!!! I have had a headache all day..feel like crap and am generally sick of being lethargic!! I don't really have the energy to even talk on the phone...see what I mean???? friends might be missing my calls but I am just too tired.

On a postitive side...I have nearly finished stitching what I hope will be in the Mercantile Gathering for the winter edition!!! I have ideas of how to finish it. It will look a lot nicer once I have coffee dyed it. My microwave konked out so will have to try drying it in the oven.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Days that don't go to plan...

Today was going to be a day for a 'real' photo shoot of my kids. All showered, hair washed, jeans on (that is a big deal here), in the we go...well the brats annoyed me and wouldn't behave. I think I could have taken a long walk off a short pier. The conditions were perfect..the sky was wasn't about mad!!!! So I took some photos and we toured around. We went back to Whinnyfold and I asked the lady at this cute house if I could take a photo of her house. Not only did I get to take photos but she invited me in. Her husband offered us a cup of tea. Then she told that she was born in the place where Helping Hands is...I told her that it was a pharmacy...she said yep..her dad was the chemist there. Penny friend Annette is married to her nephew!!! We had a lovely time with her and Mark. The beach scene is from Cruden Bay. It was a great day...should have found some stranger's kids to photograph.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Photoshop Elements 4

This is John's tractor before I played with Elements 4.
And John's tractor after. Looks like a toy tractor now.

This is the barn...nice photo...
But...alot more interesting when I played with it. I think the whole photo looks a lot more interesting..especially the colour of the sky.
Pete said that sometimes photos can look too fake...sometimes that makes a photo look nice. I didn't realise that those glamour photos were altered!!!! What a wonderful thing photo editing is!!!!!

A day in the country...bliss

These photos were all taken when we went out this afternoon for a drive in the country. I was taking photos of a barn and the farmer yelled out to me asking why I was taking photos. My first thought was...oh crap...he is getting up me....then I looked at the tractor and it was John!!! He was a customer when I worked at the bank. He used to come into the bank straight from the farm...poohhhweeee...sometimes he was really stinking....but the nicest guy you could ask for. I was able to go around his farmyard and take pictures and have a good yarn with him.

Hope you enjoy my little tour today...I am sure I smell like a pig..we went into the sty.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

I am still sick with the sore throat as well as the off to get a blood test to find out why I am so tired. My poor camera is getting antsy sitting in the bag. This is a photo that I took last Friday. I was surprised to see the American flag flying with the Scottish flag at the golf course. I love this one with the grass in the forefront. I have noticed that I have a whole lot to learn!!!! I have the photoshop 7 and Photoshop Elements 4...don't know anything about it...or even if i need both??? I am waiting for the library to call me for the photoshop elements 4 for dummies....hope it is for stupid dummies...I really need it. I also want to know how to sign my photos that i put on the net. So much to learn.

I sent off a little parcel to a caring lady in America...I wonder if she got it yet? I can't remember when I sent it last week. I didn't put my blog address so she won't know who I am????

I better go to see the vampire.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mercantile Gathering Fall 2009 issue

Wow....I am a published designer!!! Robin facebooked me this morning and told me....and this afternoon she scanned me the page. The original that is the model is in Wisconsin with Barb Susienka. It might be worth more than nothing now Barb...:) Thanks Tiffany for having me in the magazine....can't wait to get my copy!!! Whhhoohhhoooo (saying it with a sore throat...thanks to Jord!!!)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday again!!!!

Well I have been having nightmares about missing my doctors appointment or being late. Well Jordan is sick this morning and the walk down the road was slow...we were only minutes late...however...I hate being late. I am so tired all of the time. It is very rare for me to have a day were I am not feeling like an energiser bunny like I used to be. So...back on Thursday for blood tests. I would like to know what is going on. I have a horrible feeling that it is the weather. Jordan has a viral infection that is going through the high school so he is off for a couple of days.

Now onto nice things....I took the camera for a walk again. It is amazing how much a walk is different with a camera hanging around your neck. Mind feet are killing me! We left the house at 8.25am and got home at 10.45am.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

more of the day with Pete

Forgot these ones that Pete took. I wish that they weren't so dark...mmm maybe able to fix it.