Saturday, 30 January 2010

I am still learning...

I have been tweaking photos that I took a while ago. I am still on my crash course of photoshop. I am busy editing photos for the school too. I can't share my news yet...but rest assured..I am not

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Big news coming...I hope!

I am hoping to have some huge news about my photography in the next couple of weeks...well huge for me! I will be busy for the next few will try not to keep you hanging....

Monday, 25 January 2010

I sold my first framed portrait!

I am so excited!!!

I have been so busy trying to learn PSE 8...and have neglected my blog!!!! There isn't time for everything all of the time. I haven't even peeked in on blogs!!!! I am not a good juggler!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Salt with your cars?


No thanks! Our cars were covered in salt used on the roads. I was awful!!! Pete got out this afternoon and washed both cars for us. There is nothing worse that having a gritty...white looking sheen on the cars. I like mine nice and shiney!!!

Not much happening here...still trying to figure out how to add photos to a of these days the penny will drop!
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Todays photos...


Today was dry and the sun was the whole of Aberdeenshire must've been in the city walking along the beach!!! It was freezing and the waves were wild...and the surfers were out again!!! brrr brrr
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

adding a watermark

From Winter in Scotland

I wonder how everyone makes their watermarks with the little drawing????...I have figured out how to do it in 2 steps. I found a little video on youtube by Jack's Tech Corner. He has a few videos and is very helpful.

I was looking at a blog today and the photographer puts her watermark across her photos so they aren't as attractive to steal...well I don't think anyone would want to steal my photos...but just in case..I am going to watermark them from now on. Mmmm I could change the little picture for a change instead of the font!

Today was my first day home alone in 3 was so lovely and quiet!! I was so thrilled to have learnt some more things. I downloaded a font from kevin and amanda (google and had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to upload the fonts!!! Need to add some more...gee if I was clever I would write it down!!!

Well I am off to bed....the snow is melting so I will be looking forward to photographing some non snow photos for a change. I did get some great snow shots that I will treasure so it wasn't all bad.

Monday, 11 January 2010

photo editing...

Drats...I wish I had've remembered to duplicate this image!!!! This photo was an okayish photo of two people walking along. I cropped it, used Rita's Faded Day Dreams action and put two textures from Shadowhouse Creations and Rita's vignette action ..... and the photo is alot more interesting. I need to carry cards in my pocket and let people contact me if they are interested to have what I have shot of them.
From Robyn Regan Photography

Sunday, 10 January 2010

and some more and more

We went to Fyvie it was super cold there.....brrrr brrrr

and more snow....

and more snow...and more snow. The photos are nice to take..but I miss getting out in my car because I refuse to drive in it. Last year I almost crashed into my neighbour when I hit black ice coming out of our estate while taking the boys to now I am a chicken!!

The first picture is of Lewis, he is Brennan's best friend. The next two are of Brennan...none of Jordan because he is staying inside. The one of the two girls are strangers...and the final one is of our postie. She has had such a hard time with this weather!!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I am bored....yet have so much to do!!!

See and too lazy to make my photos bigger...oh this snow is getting boring! We are up to 22 days of snow now....cabin fever has struck!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Day 20 of the snow....

I have had a hell of a time trying to load these photos there is only one...I had a heap that I wanted to show! Well today was another snowy day...and boy oh boy...was it pretty this morning!! Wonder when it will end....or snow again? The morning light is brilliant....I better get up early in the morning to try again.
From Winter in Scotland

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

From Blogger Pictures

Will it ever stop snowing!!!! Brennan and his friend decided to go and shovel the path before heading off for some sledding. I am guessing then that there will be no school tomorrow either...nor for the rest of the week. It is really bad over here with the news saying to only go out if it is a must. They are even saying to stay home from work!

Still haven't changed my decorations...not that I had a lot out. It is too cold. I think this year I will have a huge change and put some of my photos up instead and try out a 'normal' house look.

I have been so hurt yesterday and I am not going to bite back. I need to add to you all, if I give you something it is out of love and not because I am 'buying' your friendship. I have always had and always will have a generous nature.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

no school....because of the snow!!!

From Robyn Regan Photography

We were thinking that the boys would be back to school today...but no...and then tomorrow is another day off!!!

Now...I really needed a laugh yesterday...and thanks to Tina, I got it. Cher was one of Tina's friends. You have to go and read her blog...I love it!!!! Thank you Cher if you see my blog!!!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Still snowed in...

....well snowed in for me. It is so pretty outside today. I think I might go for a walk. I have been so busy learning some photoshop techniques. There is no word on how Tina is going today. The not knowing is so hard. Everything else is on hold, relationship wise. I am not really in a talkative mood because I am so worried about her and her family. I saw a comment on facebook yesterday and it made me so mad and I wanted to ring the person who was so rude but Pete told me not to. I think he realised that everything is raw inside of me. so.....this year....for everyone reading this please try to follow these simple rules (I know most of you do already...that is why I love you).

Treat people how you want to be treated.
Conduct your relationships as though they could be your last day with that person.
Don't wait to see what someone can do for something for them.

Anyway....that is my hope for the new year.

I have to have a post with a photo...don't know why. This is Miss C again....I have been playing in photoshop and learned how to load actions....don't ask me how..uuugghhh what a pain....but I did buy this gadget to upload me if you want to know what it is. It cost $10.99 USD.

From Blogger Pictures

Saturday, 2 January 2010

This is a wonderful song to listen to and to realise that we are hurting for our friends who have passed before us....but listening to these words makes it a bit easier to let go.

I haven't heard the latest on Tina. Yesterday she was slipping away from this world. Where ever you are Tina, I love you.