Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I listed on ebay

I was talking to Sandy today about not having any sales since I decided to sell my crafts. She told me that I wasn't allowed to complain anymore until I had tried everything...and list on ebay....so here goes....and if this fails then I guess I am not meant to sell my stuff. Have a look if you like....http://dolls.shop.ebay.co.uk/items/?_nkw=9+inch+primitive+doll&_sacat=237&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=9inch+primitive+doll&_osacat=237s It looks brighter that is is. It is much better in real life and not bright at all. A few of my blogging friends will back me on this. I think I need a better camera!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

We have another challenge photo.

This is from Laura @ http://www.appleberrycottage.blogspot.com/ It is a great finish isn't it? She must have been psychic.....she already had been doing it before Robin and I were talking about it.....great minds think alike!!!!
Hey and for all of the people we have confused....
I am Robyn (aka...Robby) Regan
Robin is Robin (aka...birdinthehandprimitives-robin.blogspot.com)
It is confusing to have a friend with the same name....don't worry...I have started to write my name Robin!!!!

The Cross Stitch Challenge...photo

We have had a good response to the cross stitch challenge. It is a bit of fun and you get to make something great to keep that no one else has.

I have used one of the peacocks, Stacy Nash date and key and a a Shelly Auen word...I think it is hers. I also saw this great pocket somewhere and decided to make one too.

I am looking forward to seeing what other people come up with.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Ready for a cross stitch challenge?

I was just talking to Robin on the phone and we have come up with a great idea.......let's have a cross stitch challenge.

http://www.birdcrossstitch.com/CrossStitch/guide2.html Fina the bird section. Jenny Rasmussen is the designer....now scroll down and you will see that there are a couple of bird designs that are real prim. If you have trouble finding them, email me at robyn.regan@hotmail.com and I will send you the pattern.

The rules are:

Must use this peacock somewhere in your design.

Sign up here to join and link it to your blog.

Must have a finished piece done in 2 weeks.

This will be fun to see everyone's creativity. Oh and check out http://www.birdcrossstitch.com/ and there are heaps of things for free there....and blank charts to use.

Anyone can do this...I have just started cross stitching a couple of weeks ago. I am using an 18 count aida.....I wish I could use the 30 count linen I bought...can't see that good!!!!!!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

PA gathering and updated online yard sale

Big news for August in Lancaster County. Karen Martinsen http://www.mycolonialhome.blogspot.com/ is having a gathering. If you are able to go then book your space. You will have a great time there. I am so wanting to go but at this stage it is a firm no. If a ticket dropped on my mat I would be there in a flash...but I don't know any magicians. Karen has secured accommodation at The Amish View Inn and Suites in Bird-in-Hand http://www.amishviewinn.com/ (I am the volunteer European Marketing Manager...lol). I have stayed there 3 times and it is like our home away from home. I love the girls there!!! I could rave and rave!!!! The photo is of Grace Maurer, Kim Lance, Robin Leushchen, Robby Regan, Sandy Schutt and Lori Manwarren. We were at Julia's shop Family Creations doing a make and take class that Karen has arranged for the gathering. You could have the best time....and make the best friends ever at the same time. Go for it!!!!

Also...I have updated my online sale with patterns that I no longer need. They are all $1 USD each. I also have 3 Australian Homespun magazines for a couple of bucks too.

I also have things for sale on my picture trail. I also have things for sale with Robin on http://www.lemonpoppyseeds.com/ (I am so trying to get to America again...lol)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I miss my friends.....

Karen ( http://www.mycolonialhome.blogspot.com/ ) is having a gathering in Lancaster County in August. I would love to go and join in the fun but I don't see it happening. If you can make it....go....it is the best fun meeting new girls that all love the same things that you love. I have met my best friends over there.....and am feeling blue and missing them...didn't make it easy on myself really....have American stuff all around me!!!!
These dolls are for sale for $18 each with free postage. Other colours are available too.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Another Amish girl homeless....

I have made another Amish girl and she is holding a lavender filled 'primitive' cross stitch cushion. The primitive part is that it isn't perfect...I stitched it on some linen that was uneven. I think she will be making an appearance on our poppy shoppe http://www.lemonpoppyseeds.com/ on the 1st. She is rag stuffed and looks so prim!!!! It is a Drakestone pattern...and I love it. She will be for sale for $45 and includes postage if anyone wants her before the 1st.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

What a find!!!

I walked Brennan to school this morning and usually the curio shop (sort of like an antique shop) is shut and today it was open!!! I was pulled in there....and I wasn't disappointed but I have larger biceps. I got this wooden shelf and it fits on the top of my chest of drawers....AND....it was only 16 GBP!!!!!! Well I had to walk a mile carrying it....and the way home is up hill!!!

Grace made me a beautiful punchneedle doll and if you look hard...it is on the bottom shelf. I love it!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Yoooohoooo Lizzie

I thought you were Lizzie from Italy.....but it isn't so Lizzie.....I need your details so I can send you a prize.

Winner for the most embarrassing moment

Brennan drew the winner this moring at 7.06 am.....talk about laugh...he said that the winner was L ,one, two threes.....I looked over and the winner was LIZZIE. Congratulations Lizzie. I have your address already. Do you want a primitive prize or chose a couple of things from my yard sale? Well you had some funny embarrassing moments....you sound like lots of fun.

I am still waiting for TAYLOR to contact me for her prize.

Monday, 16 March 2009

New pattern

I have a new pattern. It is my easter bag that is one the Lemon Poppy Seeds. The pattern is $5. You can email me if you would like one.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lemon Poppy Seeds updated

I have updated the LPS...sorry Jen (DJ)...I thought it would update on the 15th....I will be good for the 1st I promise. I added a cross stitch (my second ever!!!). Robin has been busy with her doggie at the vet and getting ready to lose her sewing room so she has been sidetracked. We have had great comments and we thank everyone.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Funniest Giveaway....

Okay....I love giving away....and I especially love laughing. I am a juvenille....I know!!!! So tell me the funniest, most embarrasing thing you have ever done. My family and I will judge the winner...are you game?????...mmm now to think of my most embarrassing thing...that is able to be retold!!!!....darn it I can only think of unsavoury things.

Got it...watch Sandy cringe....I won't 'share' the photographic evidence because Sandy would kill me!!!! so....setting the scene....

Went to Old Navy with our families....Sandy and I had decided that we would open up our own bar and our clothes would be gold lame (you know lamae)....so ....were in Old Navy and would you believe it...there was a swimsuit that was GOLD!!!! Sandy said that that would be good for our 'bar outfit'...so...we decided to dress up in the store. We even found gold Egyptian styled shoes!!!! We went into the wheelchair access change room with Michelle (Sandy's daughter and my chosen niece) and changed....well let me tell ya....two 40 year olds in a full piece gold swim suit is not a good look....they are lucky that they didn't have pee in the pants....we laughed so hard!!!! The best part........seeing our husband's faces!!!!! Boy they are lucky to have sexy wives like us....NOT!!!!! (oh Sandy looked heaps better than me too....my boobies are small!!!!) It was hilarious and we made so much noise in the shop....so if you are the embarrasssed type...don't shop with us...lol.lol.lol.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

And the winner is....

Pete did the drawing....and I know my friend will like him....the winner is ERICA!!!! Well it is so exciting so I got him to draw again....and the second winner ....or is that third is ANGIE!!!! Also...he drew another name....ROBIN!!!!! I know you will all be happy with my honey.

I know Erica and Robin's addresses...so Angie if you can email me with yours and I can get the prizes in the post pronto.

Thanks for entering the draw and for all of the comments. It was so much fun...so I will have to do it again soon.

Giveaway date change

You know I said that I would draw the winner on the 20th of March. I think that most people who want to go into the draw have.....so.....I will draw the winner tomorrow. Check in and see if you are the winner.

Taylor....where are you...you have won the bonus draw.

The prize will be wrapped and ready to send off on Friday.

Good luck everyone and thanks for going in the draw.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

LPS shopper giveaway

Robin and I have been talking (well of course...we are good at it). Anyone who makes a purchase from us on Lemon Poppy Seeds will go into a draw to win a bonus gift. At the end of our descriptions there is a rr or an rl. If you buy from Robin then you go into her draw and if buy from me you go in my draw. It is just to make life a big more exciting...and we love giving stuff away.

Selling on Lemon Poppy Seeds

Robin and I are up and running with the next phase of our crafting journey. We have teamed up and have a poppy shoppe. The link is on my side bar. We are trading as Glory River Primitives. I will add a couple of pics of what I have added (only because I don't have Robin's pics). We will be updating on the 1st and 15th of the month. Come and have a look.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Online yard sale

I have some great 'country' stuff on my picturetrail. http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/21683464

I was into country in a big way. I have been storing these things because the last time that they were in my home was in 2005 when we left Australia. They were a memory of the house that we built and it has been hard to decide to get rid of them. I would love them to be hanging in a house again.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Giveaway bonus draw

I have finally got something done for the bonus drawing!!!! And the winner is........drum roll..........TAYLOR.
Taylor can you contact me with your address details? I will pop it in the mail this week. I made Eliza (Jackie Schmidt design) and added the carrot but she still comes with the little stocking to go around her neck for Christmas. If you don't like the colour, I have others made in blues and reds too.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Almost ready

Robin and I are almost ready for joining www.lemonpoppyseeds.com . Tomorrow we will be able to post 'go live' and then it will be a couple of days before it is up and running. I don't know if we will be up and running now or have to wait for the 15th. I will let you know. I have been busy making new things.....and a couple of original things. Robin has a couple of awesome things too. I can't wait till it is up and running. Hopefully we will be sucessful in this horrible ecomonic climate. (I have great timing....NOT!!!!)

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on the giveaway. I am so thrilled with the number of ladies that have entered. It is a wonderful feeling to know that 30 people would want something that I have made. I think that the 20th is a long way off.....so will have a drawing in the next few days as well as the 20th.

I won a 50 strand and a 20 strand of lights from Angie www.lovetheprimlook.blogspot.com today....exciting!!!!! Didn't get much done today....I was determined to win. I am the quiz queen and love a challenge.

Anyway get ready for the unveiling of Glory River Primitives on LPS.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Giveaway (I am not too sneaky!)

So today I made the prize. I stink at surprises! It is a freebie stitchery from Primitive Betty!!

Brennan (9) wrote the tag for the bag and there is a little yummy surprise in the easter hunt bag.

Good luck and start entering....remember....you have to be in it to win it.

Recession talk is depressing...so

I am going to have a giveaway!!!!! Leave a comment and let's say....on the 20th of March I will draw a winner. The giveaway is a surprise...mainly because I haven't decided on what to make yet....I am loving bunnies all of a sudden though. Keep watching and see who wins. If you post the giveaway on your blog...let me know and I will add your name twice. I will leave clues of what I make during the 20 days.....oh I feel so sneaky!!!!