Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hair colour change...

When I get sick of my hair colour...I can change it with photoshop... Some people are Farm Town junkies....I am a photoshop junkie...I think I need to find the latest version...more tutorials on them!!!

I finally let Jordan take some photos with it....I also nose is crooked...might have to see that surgeon!!! Pete assured me it isn't that bad..after nearly dying on the table..he doesn't want anyone touching me again.

Oh and forgot to add...those aren't wrinkles around my eyes...they are laugh lines...hahaha...yes I am worried about aging...I am 42 next month!!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is real color on your hair isn't it? I love it by the way and love the cut too..yeah the gal took 4 hours...but she put in alot of extras ..I tell you my hair feels like virgin feels so soft and it was so dry and brittle all of that takes time plus she had another client..she said it shouldn't take this long next time.and it was her first time on my I am happy with that is a good thing...:)

Robby said...

Gina that is real colour in my hair....but the real colour is red...I photoshopped it pink. My eyes are alot browner too. My hair is always soft....cept the time where she stripped the colour was yucky for that month.



Hey... could you teach a novice about Photoshop... I have Elements7 and a book about 500 pages and I still can't make a hang tag or put my website name and copyright sign together.. wwwwwwaaahhhhh!!! I wanna learn sooooo bad but so far haven't mastered one single thing.. I need help !!
Love the blog !1

Robby said...

Maurine I am so new at this and don't have elements 7....but...I am getting it. I would be happy to pass on what I know. I have found that the magazines that you buy with the CD's together are really good. Email me and I will try to teach you what I have learned. xxxRobby