Friday, 26 June 2009

Fantastic Friday????

This is a doll I made yesterday. I need to get my butt into gear for the Lemon Poppy update on the 1st...but I have been making stuff for me....and a swap for Grace.
I have made some more...but being greedy...I want em all!!!
We went to Brennan's school today. They made a special garden and invited parents, grandparents and dignitaries to come. It was great. We had a beautiful morning tea. It was wonderful. Kids played their musical girl blew us away playing the piano...she is 10!!!!!! She was playing a classical piece and was brilliant!!!!!
This is Jords...happily back on the computer....he was banned....and it wasn't pretty what he looked at. That happened about 4 months ago...and then the internet wouldn't work...but he fixed it....he is 12!!!!! He is sporting a huge lump on his head today. This isn't one happy mamma!!!!! Yesterday at golf Brennan had an altercation with a boy....who proceeded to punch him 4 times in the face. He is in the same class as Jordan. Today a friend asked this boy why he did it...well that got the protective bro involved...and then the kid kicked him in the head!!!!! His parents are martial arts experts!!!!
This is my honey bunny when we were out for lunch today. I took a photo of him looking cute...until I took the photo...he poked his tongue out!!!
I had a couple of coldies...and Pete had a couple of him trained good!!!
We watched the swallows feeding their babies. They were so cute.

Anyway today isn't the boys to go to archery and Brennan is having a friend over for a sleepover. I have got heaps of dolls to finish too.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Remember the dirty post?

Well today I walked the boys to school and remembered to take my camera. This is the mess that I was talking about.....see why I had my knickers in a twist....walking through the woods...birds singing...bunnies hopping....and then this!!!!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009


I have done half of the quilt top....and I have ran out of fabric!!! Don't you hate that!!!! I have $27 burnin' a hole in my was going to take a holiday with me...but I think it will be heading over alone!!!! I love the look of the quilt so far. I could have had it finished by Tuesday I reckon.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Change of plan

Since I bought the quilt from ebay, I changed my mind on my quilt. I love the blue and browns in the quilt that I it is a blue and brown quilt. One day I will make a red and white one the same. The blocks that I have started with be used for a lap quilt I think.

I slept in this morning...9.48!!!! The boys didn't wake me up fighting...whoooohoooo. One the other hand...I have felt so tired because of the 11 hrs I slept!!!

The boys are out with their friends....I should be off this computer and doing some more blocks!!!

Keep praying for Pete to get his licence granted. He has submitted the the waiting begins. He is such a good man...and has worked so hard in his career. I sure hope for his sake that they see it our way.

Friday, 19 June 2009

My wonderful day!!!

This photo is of beautiful poppies at Milton of Crathes. I love going there for scones. Today Angela rang and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a walk with her and her golden retriever, Jake. I felt like saying no....but gee am I glad I didn't. We had a fantastic day. She picked me up at 9.30 and we got home at 3pm!!!
This is the River Dee. It is always flowing and it beautiful. The Cairngorms are in the background.
The next 6 photos are of a row of houses in Echt. Oh my goodness.....they were devine. Angela dropped me off at one end of the houses and I snapped my way down them all...I think I got them all but one. Aren't they the cutest houses ever!!!!

The next couple of photos are off a private caste type of building. There are two sides....wonder if I could see myself in one...Jordan is really scared of heights...he would hate it. Think I would stick to a little blue cottage.

This is in Kintore. Doesn't it look summery and festive!!!!
As you can see...we got caught in some huge rain. We couldn't hear each other speak...well almost.
Nearly home and Angela spotted these geese. She pulled over and we snapped away. The photo turned out really good. Angela has a superdooperly camera....I bet her photos are brilliant.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wall quilt - ebay win

I bid on this beautiful quilt and was lucky to see it before bidding ended....just. No one had bid on it. I got this quilt 34 inches square....for the princely sum of $12.99. I paid $27 with postage included. The parcel came this morning.....I already felt like I had robbed the poor woman for getting it for that price...only to see that the postage was actually $26.50!!!!! Andrea, I will treasure this for years to come. Thank you.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quilt blocks and other stuff

Okay so I have made some progress on the quilt. It is hard to do this and love the colours...but when it is all together I hope it will look like a nice and primitive looking scrappy quilt. I need to do 12 blocks a day for 21 days. I wonder if I will do it in that time?
I bought this book by Denyse Schmidt (those Schmidts are so love Jackie Schmidt's patterns) Go and check out the quilts that Denyse does. They are unreal.
This is Brennan with a cat that I made out of Denyse Schmidt's book. It is supposed to have a patch on it's belly....but it is on it's butt instead....I just couldn't concentrate on the details when I made it.

Angie ( ) posted on her blog what I swapped with her. Whew....she was happy. It was a great swap Angie.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My fabric arrived in the UK

I won an auction on ebay....and it was a bargain...except that I had to pay for customs duties...darn it!! But anyway...a letter came and off to the city we went to collect the parcel. This is what I have decided to do...6 inch log cabins....I guesstimate that I will need 200 of them. I wonder what it will look like when it was done. I will bore you all with weekly updates...that might spur me on not to add it to my ufo list!!!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

The post came early this morning.

I did a swap with Angie . Well talk about excitement at the Regan household. The boys were shouting that they would take 'dibs' opening the parcel...and the elephant was unwrapped...well the dibs were getting yelled....Jordan claimed her so fast...I made Brennan a cat the other he sort of accepted it.

The chips were nearly opened but I stopped them quick smart!!!! They are cinnamon sugar....sounds interesting...might be having them soon.

The fabric is beautiful....I really love the light blue one...I will make myself something special with that for sure.

I need to make some make dos to use the springs!!!

Last but by no means least........those lights are the best!!!!!!! I need to be getting an adaptor to use them. Scents usually take you back to a place...and the halloween ones reminded me of Sandy's house!!! They are beautiful lights!!!

Thank you so much Angie!!!!! I love them all.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I have been busy....

I have been busy designing some more patterns. I have had such a great response from you all and Robin has pushed me along to turn them into e patterns. If you want the patterns for the ones that are already on the blog....I would say...grab them now. Now I need to stitch them, frame them, write up the instructions...and then email them onto my computer guru...Robin to convert them into e watch this space.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I did another one....

Okay...I think I am stitcheried out for a while. This is what I drew yesterday and stitched today.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

My 15 pence frame

The top frame is the one that I paid 15 pence for.
I drew up this design. I would love to take credit for the vase of flowers...but...I saw a little doodle somewhere and drew it...I didn't trace it.
I sewed the stitchery onto weavers cloth and stitched it using one strand of DMC.
I then gave it a bath in tea. I just used one teabag. I then dried it in the microwave on 30 second intervals. I then used a paint brush and gave it random spots of coffee and microwaved it again.
Then I sanded the frame and painted it with black paint. I then gave it a coat of mod podge.

I think for a grand total of 15 pence it looks pretty good. If you want to print the drawing, it should be flat enough to trace.

On a personal note....I have been off my medication for depression for a couple of months and it hasn't gone well. I suffer depression and anxiety. It is an awful thing to have. A lot of people do not understand that you just can snap out of it. For what seems like a simple thing can feel like a real drama to me.

We as a family have been under enormous pressure with Pete studying. We have had to be quiet for the last 2 years while he has worked full time and studied for the time he has had off. We have two boys so that has been very stressful for us all. He has finally finished his exams and has done brilliantly. The CAA still haven't given him an answer to wether they will give him a reduction in the rules. It is so expensive to like in the UK and we really need Pete to get his licence so he can get his payrise. Please, if you have a few minutes spare, pray for him to be able to celebrate his efforts.

I was getting down because my things haven't been selling well....then I got a few bargains on ebay.. 46 fat quarters, they are civil war reproductions for $42 and a 40 piece jelly roll for $14.95 and then yesterday I won a 32 inch sq wall quilt in civil war fabrics for $ promise I won't whinge any more. Admittedly I have to pay for postage as well....but I still got bargains!!!

I have gone back on my medication hopefully I will back to my cheery self again soon. And to the friends that I might have peed off....sorry. I am feeling very thinned skinned and I don't know if I have read more into what is written or not said.

Oh I feel like I have bared my soul...don't know if I like it or not....

Friday, 5 June 2009

Primitive Journey

I started another blog. I get sick of finding great sites and forgetting them. I hope that you all find it useful too.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


This is me in the woods that I am whinging about.
These frames cost me a grand total of 1.15 that price!!!
This is going to be the basis of my new tutorial...40p for a!!!

If you were from the East End of London you would say that today is my Frift Store Firsday. I popped down the street to get some food...and I always check out the charity shops.

Today I got these frames and I am going to do a primitive/stitchery/cross stitch in them. There is a girl on webshots and I love her stuff. I hope I kept her addy...her surname is Babbs or something. Anyway I love the style she does. They will look perfect above my peg rails once they are painted.

I also got the glasses case for 40 pence. I think it looks like a simple way to make a glasses case...might be a tutorial in there.

I also made something for a swap and am itching to show you all but I need to tell the recipient not not read my blog for a week or so.

On a non crafting environmental note....gee wizz I am a grumpy old woman...must need to get back on my happy pills!!!! Going down the street today, I walk through the woods for a bit of is so serene...and then I get to the bloody garbage that the acadamy (hight school) kids leave. I asked a group of youngsters who were smoking to move out of the way while I took a photo with Jordan's phone. They asked me why was I taking a photo. I told them it was about the rubbish. I was like an environmental nutcase. I told them that they have such as beautiful country and the youth of the UK are going to destroy it. The kids told me that the council provides a man to clean the town but he only pics up a couple of pieces of rubbish and walks away. Ummmm I always give that guy a bit of encouragement and tell him what a great job he does. Well anyway then I told them that our generation will be letting these kids take over and they need to look after their country. Then!!!!! of the girls asked me what I was going to do and I told her that I would be off to the council to speak to the environmental officer and she said.....oh they won't do anything!......................THEN.....................I went to the council and spoke to the officer and debated what they should do. I asked him if they had fines and he asked me how was going to issue the fines?????????? I told him I would. For crying out loud.....this is a bogus country when the people that are supposed to run the country and who are in control of issues relating to littering say that they can't do anything really???? He is going to contact the school and ask the rector (head) to let the kids know that littering is wrong. So.........maybe I need to be a crusader for the woods???????............OR.....go home!!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Oh happy day!!!!

Pete and I were at Collieston the other day and I spotted the old phone box....couldn't resist getting my picture taken here. I am not at all happy with what I have done to my body in the last few months. Those pants had to be worn with a belt last summer. That t.shirt fitted nicely at Christmas. I got it from Jacie in a swap and I love it...pity I look chubby in the gut!!! some exciting news....I was bidding on some fabric and I got 46 fat quarters and a 40 piece jelly roll in civil war reproduction fabrics for the grand total of $57!!!!! (postage was 39.95...but was still thrilled). Pete had me put my maximum bid on the fat quarters of $90!!!! I got them for $42!!!! So...I am going to make a quilt for our bed when I get I won't be creating too much for a while. I am loving the quilts that Denyse Schmidt does... I love the Drunk love in a log cabin.!!! Keep you posted on how I go. I know I should do a traditional quilt with civil war fabric...but I am hoping that it will work.

Next bit of news....I am sitting her with greasy hair...the hot water system is not working as it should ....I am waiting for the gas dude to come and fix it...I will greet him with flat hair!!!!

The postie came today while I was cleaning the cloakroom (the downstairs dunny)and dropped this on the mat!!!!!! When we were in America in January, Grace invited me to her rughooking group. I had a wonderful time and was extremely envious that each month she gets to hang out with a wonderfully talented bunch of really nice women!!!! And you should have seen the spread that Rose put on!!!!!! I sent her a thank you gift for her hospitality and she sent me this beautiful punchneedle and the frame was painted by Rose too!!!! I did have to put a light coat of modpodge on it...didn't want it to get scratched. Rose is so talented....she works for a pottery place and her and her husband, Larry are designers. I can't remember what it is ....Thank you Rose. I hope you read my blog!

Yesterday was the perfect day. I don't think that Scotland gets much better than we had yesterday. Brennan wanted hotdogs for lunch so I had to go and get some buns. We walked through the woods looking for the white rabbit. Someone lost their bunny!!! Brennan is growing up and I think he is a beautiful boy. Can't say little for much longer...he is nearly as big as me!!!