Thursday, 30 July 2009

Pics of the past...

These are pictures of me in the 1990's. The first and second one's are me when I first got married in 1990...almost 20 years ago...whooohooo. Boy was I fit!!! The next two are me in the Army Reserves. I have more on facebook if you want to see...just have to be my friend.

Have a great I need to keep cleaning...our cousins are coming up from Devon. We can't wait to see them again. Hope the rain stays away!!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hey I can cross out I think

so will it cross out?

whooohoooo...someone on delphi tried to show me but it didn't work. So I went to this site and it worked!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The winner on my primitive store blog is....

My beautiful niece, Maxine. Not everyone became followers but I added all of the comments because I couldn't leave anyone out. Jordan drew out the winner...and I think his cousin will love him even more. Pete was there to verify the don't think that I rigged it. Congratulations to the little girl who first stole my heart when I was 14.

Mercantile Gathering..debut you know...the Mercantile Gathering is the biggest primitive magazine in the world....and......drum roll please......

I am getting published!!!! I have done some designs and I asked Tiffany if she wanted to use them!!!!!! So....I think that the first one will be Halloween.

And you know what that means....I need to pull all of my designs off my blogs until they are in the magazine. So...I hope you have seen them and for those who haven' will see them soon.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Pete and Jordan playing in the yard - 2009

Jordan batting with his beach cricket set.
Jordan running and his pants almost falling down.
Jordan bowled a fast delivery and hurt his shoulder.
He looks mean...about to bowl a fast one at Pete!!!
Jord in action!!! Next Aussie fast bowler????
Being a goalie.
Pete playing with his thongs on with that look!!!
Pete playing cricket with Jordan in a tiny backyard. Most of the hits were controlled.
This is the backyard. We rent our house but Pete really looks after the yard.

Pete is back to work maybe I will get back into some sewing. I have had a fantastic day yesterday!!! For as long as I have been alive, I have had a friend, Jamie Nunn!!! Well yesterday I found him on facebook. I haven't seen him since I was 16....and we are now 41!!! Life just took different paths...he moved to the city...and I ended up moving to Queensland. Well he now lives in Texas!!!! Another reason to go back to America!!! I messaged him with... Did you grow up in Seymour...did you have a best friend named Robyn White...did you give her a bride doll for her 5th birthday? Talk about excited when he messaged back...his first word was OMG!!! I was a bit confused because he was listed as James and went to university in Texas!!!! We spoke for 2 hrs and could have spoke for a lot longer but I promised Jordan that I would play soccer with him....and ended up taking lots of photos of him. I think he would make a cute Abercrombie and Fitch little model!!!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

My Giveaway pic is finally up

I have finally finished the giveaway!! I have been so slack...tired....and holidaying..but it is done now. Now the lights are second hand...I should listen to my husband....he told me that lights would not work in the UK because of the voltage but did I listen???? So I won the lights from Angie Angie's lights are brilliant! The doll and penny rug were both made by me.

Go and sign up as a follower to have a chance of winning.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Jordan is a good photographer!!!

This morning Jordan took some photos of me. I think he is a good little photographer. I hated my photo being taken for that I have my nose job..I am better at it. What do you think of this 12 year old's skill?

Oh...and I have another part of the giveaway done....hopefully in the next couple of days I will have a photo for you all. The blog is on my sidebar is the blog that you have to sign up for. It is My Primitive Store at Glory River. Don't forget...if you aren't a follower, you won't be included in the giveaway.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My Primitive Store at Glory River

I have added a selling blog. I haven't added anything yet....however..if you would like to look and sign up for my blog you will be entered into my giveaway.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Windfarms are everywhere over here. They are even putting them out to sea! They are an interesting blot on the landscape...and are a lot nicer than the electricity pylons everywhere.
Pete told Jordan that if he slept then the trip would go faster. I think he slept half the way home!!! Can you see how small my car is. I have a little Fiat Punto.
Brennan got himself cozy for the trip home. He played his DS most of the way home...only slept once!!!
This old car was on the back of a trailer...and the car had a business name... Fantasy Car Hire!!!! It was a Lamb bikini....can't remember how to spell Lambourghini (sp).
Back into is typical....rainy weather!!!
This is overlooking the city of Aberdeen...yuck!
Check this guy out!!!! He was riding a Harley Davidson out of uniform!!!!! The uniform of a Harley rider is an open faced matt black only...a leather vest...Johnny Reb boots...saddlebags on the bike....a back pack...palllleeeae!!! Pete was speeding trying to get a pic of him side on...but he knew we were onto him!!! That 'biker' was dressed like he was off to a halloween
This is at the on the photo to make it bigger. Wonder if they had on underwear????
Pete driving along the beach...there were 12 ships parked there but the weather was so bad that they didn't photograph.

Parcels from America!!!!

Today was parcel day....we have been away and the mail person was busy. The first parcel is from Gina. There was so much in the box!!! The boys got some sweets, a soccer game, batteries, a squeezy head...gross...and a thing for the beach..and it is raining!!! I have never had room spray...and the one that Gina makes is yummy. The DMC thread is brilliant!!! Oh the card...nearly peed my pants with what was is a little rude and if you want to know...I will tell you. I got so much cool stuff!!!! Gina has a sewing machine that does a great witch cushion..moulds...spindles....wool.....and so much on the pic and you can see it all!!!! Thanks was like Christmas!!!!

This selection is from Robin. I sent off an S.O.S....I needed some blue and brown fabric to do more work on my new quilt. I had $27 left in my purse of US it went on holidays without me!!!! I love it. Look forward to cutting it all up. I bought Robin a cameo needle punch for her birthday....and I got the very first project that she did with it. How prim and beautiful is this??? I need a is done with 6 strands I think.

The boys also got spoilt by Robin. Brennan is a super dooper lover of Mac and Robin bought him a packet of it...and Jordan got pop tarts and they are ice cream fudge sundae...they were happy little campers with my 2 parcels!!

Thanks girls!!!! It was a great day today!!!


The postie came this morning....and there was a brown A4 envelope. Before Pete was allowed to open it....I needed to get my camera ready. And this is what happened. His Licenced Aircraft Engineers licenced came....finally. So...after 3 years of studying and working....and holidaying....he has achieved his aim. We are all so proud of him!!!! And our bank account will be pleased the saving begins with earnest...our house money is all gone. Before all of this started, we were proud home buyers with a beautiful new house...and now it doesn't seem so bad to have given it up..we know we can buy a house again one day.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Final day in Devon

All of these photos are of Lynton in Devon. It is a beautiful little village. We went there with Pete's cousin, Mike. It is so funny to watch them together. They are alike if you look closely.

We are all tired and ready for bed. We drove straight home...12 hrs in total.

Pete is annoyed. His licence hasn't come in the mail. So hopefully he will get it tomorrow. He has worked so hard for this and it is unfair for the stress to continue for him. They have told him that they have granted the licence...but why keep him waiting. Please say a little prayer for him to get it very soon.

I am off to get 2 parcels tomorrow....I know one is from Robin...the parcel place opens at 7am....I will be there to get the presents.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Lost track of days in Devon

This is at Brayford. I think I could live there without too much hassle. Isn't it so English looking?
A garden in Brayford. I love it.
This is a loch at Bude, Cornwall. Brennan took the photo.
Bude again.
Another one of Bude.
Jordan in the car enjoying the driving.
A flag at Illframcombe.
Mor pics of was a gorgeous town.
Illframcombe again.
This is the view from the school that our cousin Chris works at. She is the head day when I have me a commune....don't worry...I have recruited a Mike is a we have music to party to at night!!!
Brennan at Chris' school yesterday. He had a great time meeting the kids. There were 39 kids in the school!!!
Jordan working with Chris. His t.shirt says...Parents for one get one free.
This is the pub that we had dinner at last night. That is the family walking in...they would not let me take a pic of them outside of it. It was beautiful. I love thatched the thatched roofs.
This is another beautiful house.