Thursday, 31 December 2009

I added a PSE 8 tutorial for you.

From Blogger Pictures

I added a simple, step by step tutorial on my other blog. If you are playing with fan be daunting for us computer fools!!!! The address to the blog is

I took this photo today at Newburgh. In the sky is snow on it's way!!!!

I took photos yesterday and....

I wasn't overwhelmed with them. The light was ???? and it looked so blah. I used my photoshop elements 8 on this photo. From a nothing photo to something that I like. Mind you...this was taken while we were driving so the grass in the bottom of the photo is a bit yuck.

My cousin in Devon, Chris is wanting a DSLR. I am trying to give her good advice like Donna gave me...but hey I am not a pro. I do think that possibly a less expensive body with good glass will give great shots....and PSE 8 can turn a nothing photo into something nice. So Donna do you think I am wrong? If money is no option...obviously get a D90 (she is looking at it....I do want I think the D3000 will give great results if money is an option.

This is obviously the before photo.

From Blogger Pictures

After adjusting the levels and cropping the photo it looks more acceptable and not blah.

From Blogger Pictures

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

See I did the last 3 months

From Blogger Pictures

I made this for my bestest buddy in the world, Robin. She is a sweetie. It is actually embarrassing being in her is a shrine to me....hahahahaha. I know she is thinking of me when she should be thinking of Randy...I have a feeling that Santa might be her new love....I bet he stays out for the Well anyway I digress.....I sent him on the 15th....and he only got to her today! Glad he made it safe and sound...and I rang her before she opened it so I could be there sort of. I would love one of those myself...maybe next year.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I think this is my favorite photo

This little cutie is Miss C. I am sure it is my favorite photograph! I spoke to her Mum today and asked for rights to the photo. she beautiful are her eyes???
From Robyn Regan Photography

Sunday, 27 December 2009

My latest news.....

Well this is typed using my new laptop. I was on my old computer and oddly enough....I was able to go to outlook express and got an email from Karen Martinsen and forgot that my internet wasn't working...and clicked the link....then...lo and behold it connected to the internet. I then did something else....and it didn't work....then thought...hang on I will try to go through the outlook express through Karen's newsletter...and it connected again. Why is that? Hey I am not complaining....the bank account is a bit lighter again...but this compter is nice and new and shiny!!!!!

The boys got ipod touch thingies for Christmas...they have been sitting like this photo of Brennan...too cute.

Oh and on another computer glitchy thing....I can't log into delphiforums????? I don't know why....and I will miss you all....but my new computer doesn't like it????

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sledders at the golf course

This photo was taken just down the hill from our house. It is at the 12th hole of the McDonald Golf Course. We are due more this rate Pete will not be going to work today....after his 3 hr marathon to try to get to work...which ended after it took him 3 hrs to get into the city...and he still had a way to go to get the the he came home...a 4 hr round trip that should take 1/2 hr each way!!!

Oh a happy note for lounge/dining room is looking like it should. It is so neat and nice. All I have is my photography books out!!!! Need to get into the garage and find some more Christmas decs tomorrow though. I have a snowman that I love and snowman heads..or is that just one???

Our snowy wonderland

The first photo is of our 'real' Christmas tree. It is a little potted one. The decoration on top was made by was supposed to be decorated by the boys...ha!!!!

The herron gull was on our neighbour's roof. It seems so funny to see them in the snow.

The car is our new one. A lot more snow fell since I took that photo!

The birdhouse is so cute covered in snow.

The waves were so good the other day for the surfers. There were heaps out in the snow. Crazy buggers!!!

I have had a couple of people mention that they would like to see my photos as cards. What do you think? Do you think they will sell?

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My little neighbour

This little girl is my neighbour. I went to her class Christmas party and got this photo of her. She is so beautiful! Over this week, I have taken some beautiful photos....and lots of moving and yellow lights are not condusive to getting beautiful shots!!!! Lucky for me....there is black and white!!!

I took photos of Brennan's class having a Victorian Tea Party. We raised 74 GBP for Barnardo's from selling the photos for 1 GBP each to the parents. We sold 84 photos!!!! Not bad considering that I had only had my camera for a month.

Well better get going...another busy day of photos...and getting them printed. Then I have the holidays to edit the ones that I have been taking this week. Hope I can learn some new tricks too.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

I am cold and cranky!!!!


I am so cold....the heating isn't working downstairs...rang the emergency number...they can't come until tomorrow. Gee makes me mad. I have decorating and cleaning to do....and it is too cold..!!!!! Need to take my cranky pants off!!!

Yesterday we got to go to Balmoral Castle. It is where the royal family go for holidays. It is privately owned by them. It was so lovely...but....yep you guessed it....COLD!!!!

UPDATE: I AM LAUGHING AS I AM WRITING THIS...THE LANDLADY JUST RANG ME...ASKED ME IF THE GAS HEATER IS DOING ANYTHING TO HELP....(I have a fireplace with a heater there!!!!!!...duh!!!!!...been looking at the little Christmas tree and snowman...sitting on the hearth!!!!!!) We have lived here for a long time..and never used it!!!! Forgot it was

Friday, 11 December 2009

My new boots!!!!

Did I get the best boots ever????? better believe it! My honey bought me the best boots for Christmas. They are so comfortable and even have sheepskin on the inside!!! My photographer was Pete. I have been busy taking photos for the school. The concert was on yesterday and I have taken photos for it....I am also taking photos for the class parties. I definately can't say I am bored this season!!!! I will show you pics soon. The concert was unreal!!! I hope I can upload a video of it when I get the CD.

postnote: I never wear skirts above my knees .... but this dress was too nice to leave on the ( will get the giggle)

Friday, 4 December 2009

I have sewn!!!

After heartfelt pleas from my crafting friends, Robin, Sandy, Nan, Gina, Grace, Jennifer...and anyone else I may have forgotten.....I made something for Robin for Christmas! Now I have a mess to clean up again. Mind you, it took me all week to get it I want one!!!

On an exciting crafting note....Karen (kmprimitives) had an open house and sold $172 worth of stuff for me!!! I had made it for the Simple Goods Show and didn't get to it. So....that is going towards a new laptop...this one is looking ratty...and the new one will not have kids touching it. Thank you so much are a sweetie.

If you are wondering about the crows...I took this photo the other day...our trees are full of them around here. The are called a murder of crows...roll the r.