Sunday, 1 March 2009

Recession talk is

I am going to have a giveaway!!!!! Leave a comment and let's say....on the 20th of March I will draw a winner. The giveaway is a surprise...mainly because I haven't decided on what to make yet....I am loving bunnies all of a sudden though. Keep watching and see who wins. If you post the giveaway on your blog...let me know and I will add your name twice. I will leave clues of what I make during the 20 days.....oh I feel so sneaky!!!!


Robin said...

hey buddy...where was you yesterday ??? Call me....oh, does this count as a chance to win ??....lOL

Robby said...

sure does...xxxRobby

Donna said...

I commented on your other post. Does that count, LOL? I'm off to do a link on my blog now!

Silly girl, I can't keep a secret either when it comes to giving a sweet prize away!

Robby said...

Thanks Donna....good luck! xxxRobby