Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Almost ready

Robin and I are almost ready for joining . Tomorrow we will be able to post 'go live' and then it will be a couple of days before it is up and running. I don't know if we will be up and running now or have to wait for the 15th. I will let you know. I have been busy making new things.....and a couple of original things. Robin has a couple of awesome things too. I can't wait till it is up and running. Hopefully we will be sucessful in this horrible ecomonic climate. (I have great timing....NOT!!!!)

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on the giveaway. I am so thrilled with the number of ladies that have entered. It is a wonderful feeling to know that 30 people would want something that I have made. I think that the 20th is a long way will have a drawing in the next few days as well as the 20th.

I won a 50 strand and a 20 strand of lights from Angie today....exciting!!!!! Didn't get much done today....I was determined to win. I am the quiz queen and love a challenge.

Anyway get ready for the unveiling of Glory River Primitives on LPS.

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