Thursday, 26 March 2009

PA gathering and updated online yard sale

Big news for August in Lancaster County. Karen Martinsen is having a gathering. If you are able to go then book your space. You will have a great time there. I am so wanting to go but at this stage it is a firm no. If a ticket dropped on my mat I would be there in a flash...but I don't know any magicians. Karen has secured accommodation at The Amish View Inn and Suites in Bird-in-Hand (I am the volunteer European Marketing I have stayed there 3 times and it is like our home away from home. I love the girls there!!! I could rave and rave!!!! The photo is of Grace Maurer, Kim Lance, Robin Leushchen, Robby Regan, Sandy Schutt and Lori Manwarren. We were at Julia's shop Family Creations doing a make and take class that Karen has arranged for the gathering. You could have the best time....and make the best friends ever at the same time. Go for it!!!!

Also...I have updated my online sale with patterns that I no longer need. They are all $1 USD each. I also have 3 Australian Homespun magazines for a couple of bucks too.

I also have things for sale on my picture trail. I also have things for sale with Robin on (I am so trying to get to America


schutt6 said...

ahhhh just looking at this pic makes me want to be there NOW!!!! I miss all you guys so much! can't wait til we can get together and shop and craft together again!! I don't know if I'll be able to go when the gathering is I'm plannin on a trip down in May and with Lin graduating and the simple goods show in Nov....gotta save(but we'll see!)..hee hee...I agree anyone tho that anyone who's able to attend should!! :-)

Robby said...

Are you going to miss the Lititz show????? Noooo...I don't believe you. xxxRobby

Karen said...

I was hoping I'd get some word out by other blogs than just mine....and YES YOU ARE THE EUROPEAN MARKETING MANAGER - OUR GOODWILL AMBASSADOR FOR SURE!

I remember your first post of this picture and I remember being there at the shop the end of January when we were also out there - MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP IN THE WHOLE PENNSYLVANIA AREA!

I'm hoping and praying you will be able to make it Robby. I'd so love to meet you. thanks for the e-mail to Grace - she sure did give us a deal $99.00 a night WOW!!!!!

Big hugs and keep checking.
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Robby said...

you are were there when we were there!!!!!

I could easily be an ambassador for America...I love it so much!!!!

European Marketing Manager...every chance I get to mention AVI I do.....I love everything about that place....especially the General Manager, Grace Maurer!!!!

I had to promote your gathering...because I know how much fun you girls (and boys) will have.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

where are these patterns you have so sale? I would love to see them..I would love to go where you mentioned..but..:) have a wonderful day..:)