Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I miss my friends.....

Karen ( http://www.mycolonialhome.blogspot.com/ ) is having a gathering in Lancaster County in August. I would love to go and join in the fun but I don't see it happening. If you can make it....go....it is the best fun meeting new girls that all love the same things that you love. I have met my best friends over there.....and am feeling blue and missing them...didn't make it easy on myself really....have American stuff all around me!!!!
These dolls are for sale for $18 each with free postage. Other colours are available too.


WoolenSails said...

The dolls are wonderful and prim. I keep saying I am going to make some, one of these days. First I have to finish a million other projects;)


T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Hi Robby~~

I know how you feel about missing friends. Ours just left on Monday. We had a great time, and have really great friends here, but you miss the ones that live far away. You'll be able to see some in Nov. won't you??

The dolls look great, by the way!! Take care~~Jackie

Robby said...

Thanks Jackie...yep will see the girls in November..but that seems so far away. xxxRobby

Karen said...

Okay what's in November???? I want to go!! lol
Robby the dolls are just adorable. I have one similar sitting on my be but I washed it the other day cuz something got on it and now it's limp....LOL I think I'll have to grung her to give her a little body....just like a kid - get 'em dirty and they'll stand on their own!!!!

Hugs, Karen
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