Thursday, 10 September 2009

What an interesting day....

I had a very interesting day....It started off with reading blogs..and I read a blog that touched lady..can't name her...gave another lady something...I thought to lovely!!! I thought it would be nice if someone did the same for her unexpectedly...and then it dawned on me...I could be the one to surprise her. So....parcel packed up and doesn't end there. Stu, the guy I bought my camera from emailed me and told me that the camera bag I 'won' on ebay was sent and he had something else for sale and I told him that Pete would divorce me if I bought anything else as I was also bidding on a photoshop computer program thingie. He told me that he had what I wanted and he would be happy to send it to me free of charge. I told him that I would pay for postage and he wouldn't hear of it. So...the old good turns deserves another!!!!! I wonder what will happen to Stu?

On another 'weird' note...Donna coudn't believe that I hadn't heard of Ansell Adams...and I watched a photography show...that had never been on as it was a Scottish special...was mentioned and I even saw pictures of him!!!


Anonymous said...

One good turn deserves another! :)

Ansel Adams is one of my favorite photographers. Before I was into country primitive I had large framed posters of his work in my dining room.

I am enjoying your enthusiasm with your camera.

Donna said...

Hey, "Anselette"! So you know who Ansel Adams is now, huh? He did spectacular black and white photography in the western U.S., back in the day of large format view cameras, which weighed a ton and had 8"x10" negatives! Of course, each negative had to be hand developed too! DH took a weeklong field course with him at Yosemite National Park, when DH was a mere lad.

Robby said...

Charlie Waite had a camera that had the 8 x 10 negatives and he developed them where he was...magic!!! I also learned his 3 rules....Rule of thirds, 80/20, and the train track. It is so exciting!!!! I can even make myself a little cardboard 'view finder' to see what the shot would look like framed.

I am so excited!!! Mr Donna must have been so excited to go for a week long trip with an expert!!!

Beth....I am thinking of having all of my photography around my house in time. It is so much fun!!!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Robby - I also love AA's photography...his work has been around for ages and still very popular. your e-mail and the read this post...I think I put 2 and 2 together. Is this someone from my blog getting a little surprise????
If it's what I think then WHAT A SWEETHEART YOU ARE...but then I already knew that! lol
Big Hugs, Karen

Robby said...

I can't say Karen...mmm maybe????


Anonymous said...

"Beth....I am thinking of having all of my photography around my house in time. It is so much fun!!!"

Ironically.:)..we'll enjoy seeing photos of your photos hung upon your walls! :)
I'm always amazed at how one decision ( like buying this new camera ) opens up a whole new world for not only the phototographer ( artist ), but also those who have the good fortune to be included in on the adventure.
This whole thing is awesome! Happy Friday, Robby!

Robby said...

Thanks Beth!!! I love the pictures that I have taken so far.