Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I am learning...sort of

I was interested to learn to sign my photos. I haven't thought up a name or signature for my pictures yet. If you have any ideas...please let me know. I was in the supermarket yesterday and happened to see a guy with a photographic magazine..bought the magazine...and there is a free disc there will tutorials.

I know it is only a virus...but I am still sick!!!! I have had a headache all day..feel like crap and am generally sick of being lethargic!! I don't really have the energy to even talk on the phone...see what I mean????...my friends might be missing my calls but I am just too tired.

On a postitive side...I have nearly finished stitching what I hope will be in the Mercantile Gathering for the winter edition!!! I have ideas of how to finish it. It will look a lot nicer once I have coffee dyed it. My microwave konked out so will have to try drying it in the oven.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Hope you feel better quickly....take care. Dianntha

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well I wish you felt better..I got a cold starting saturday night and have not slept since...too busy clearing my throat..and that is making me more tired then anything..and I gotta get to the store and get shopping..have a great day and I hope you get to feeling better..haven't heard if you are still coming to america in novemeber?