Sunday, 13 September 2009

Out with Pete..

We went out today and took heaps of photos. These are the best of them. Pete hates getting his photo taken and the kids weren't available to be models...gee I remember when we couldn't be out of their sight!!!! they don't want to be seen with us!!! I need to get to know the photoshop programme so I can play with them. These photos were taken down at the beach just near the golf course.


Christine said...

LOVE that blue door! Wonder why the smaller door is so short? And you got him to jump for the pic....impressive! lol Doesn't look like he hates getting his pic taken at all :)

Donna said...

Girlfriend, you are wackadoodle!

Robby said...

ummm Christine...I took about 50 pics of me...he hated it. I begged him bad for that shot.

Donna...I am definately a wackadoodle!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMW..send a wee portion of your energy this way, please...:D

These were great!

What a good sport Pete was for being photographed. I'm a bit like him too, I hate having my picture taken... I mean it's understandable, ay, that second head popping out on my left shoulder and all is soooo unattractive..:D

I am enjoying your photos so much. It's neat you are having such a great time with your camera.

Robby said...

Energy....ha with the weather the way is...makes me so should have seen me in the car...yawning away!!!

I love that camera!!!!!! Hope I don't bore you. I am addicted!!!

Christine said...

Oh for most of us (here in the US) I doubt you are boring us! Not me anyway- the countryside there is so beautiful! I love to see what others see through their lens!

Robby said...

Okay Christine...will keep posting for you all. xxxRobby