Monday, 20 April 2009

Not craft....what I did today....

It felt like spring really was here. So...Pete said let's go to Cullen to play some golf.This is him...he is so cute...well I can say that...we have been married for 19 years in 15 days!!!
We drove through Banff and we stopped at Duff House for a picture. Isn't it beautiful!!!
We then drove onto Cullen. There is a patchwork shop there. I bought some fabric for a bag...and some fabric for Jordan. I also got a crochet hook to try making a floor mat. Then on to the curiosity shop and bought a cute little ink container...that will be a great little vase.
This is another view of the village. Notice the big viaduct bridges? I love them too! I love Cullen and the people are so nice still has it's small town charm!!!
See I really do love the bridges!!!
This is looking down onto the harbour. Scotland is full of these little harbours. You should see it on a rough it was perfectly still.
This is looking at the rooftops. I am sorry if I am boring you all...but I thought this would be a great picture.
These are the fishermen's cottages in Cullen.
This house is built into the bridge...there is another one on the other side of the road.
These are the houses in Portknockie near Cullen. The whole village has houses just like these!!! They are beautiful and the village is picture perfect.
This is on the way home near Rosehearty. Imagine living in that is awesome.

Pete and I had the nicest day together. Albeit for the two crazy drivers that nearly got us killed.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my day through my camera.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am in love..I love where you live..loved traveling there and loved! Ireland as the quaint cottage charm..and we loved!!!! the people...I want to come and visit...I hope to one day....:)thanks for sharing.I loved it....:)

Robby said...

Come on over Gina. We were an hour away from our little town. We live on the coast. The coastline here is beautiful. xxxRobby

Farm Field Primitives said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. We definitely don't have anything like that in Ohio. So glad you had a good day with your hubby. Those are so important.

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Wow...Awesome pics...yeah we don't have that
here in Indiana either...loved the tour thanks
for sharing them with us...glad you had a wonderful day with your DH...
Prim Blessings...

Bren said...

Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing your day. Now I want to come to Scotland, lol. It looks wonderful.
hugs, Bren

Robby said...

We are off to Crathes tomorrow...I will take some more pics to show you all. Bren you can come over and spend time with my Bren...we call our son Bren (Brennan). Come on over..we have a bed for you.

Oh and to you all....Pete didn't get to golf...but the clubs came for a ride.


Bren said...

Robby, Thanks for the invite!! I would LOVE to come, and you never know we might, lol. We do travel quite alot but have not been there.
I'll look forward to more pictures.
Hugs, Bren

Donna said...

Your countryside is just gorgeous! You lucky duck to have such beauty all around! And your "squeeze" is quite handsome too! (Lucky duck again, my dear, hahaha!)

WoolenSails said...

What beautiful photos, loved seeing where you went and the countryside.


Robby said...

We are off again soon as I get out of my pj' another area..inland. Come over this summer for a holiday!!! would have some great photos!!! We are ready...quick Bren...pack you bags!!! Bring a little bit of wool with you.


tintocktap said...

Oh dear, you'll be making me homesick now!

Karen said...

ROBBY THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST ENJOYABLE POSTS ALL DAY LONG FOR ME....I love traveling through others eyes and your pictures are just beautiful.
Thanks so much for this special treat on a rather rainy, drab, windy day here in Wisconsin.
Hugs, Karen

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Beautiful!! Wow I can see why you had such a great day the scenery is awesome!