Friday, 17 April 2009

My film maker nephew

My nephew Philip is a film maker and is making a documentary on the events that my brother David, sister in law, Vicki, nephew, David and his in laws went through on Black Saturday. It is going to be so emotional for them all. Philip has a facebook page and if you see his photo in the article you will be able to see his profile (you can go in). He has made a short film and it is on is unreal!!!! My other nephew, David has written an account of the fire that nearly killed them all. You can get to his profile from Philip's. They are the luckiest family I know!!!


Karen said...

Wow Robby, how interesting.
I remember you posting about the fire.
I went to Phillips page and read the article and tried to do the video but it kept stopping but I will go back again.
How proud you all must be of him.
Hugs, karen

Robby said...

Karen the last time I saw Philip, it was about 1991. I am proud all the same. His movie is Tredpidation. He was diagnosed with autism as a child....but look at him now!!!!! xxxRobby