Friday, 3 April 2009

Awake at 4.27am...

Actually I woke up at 2am...wide awake...everytime Jordan has a sleepover I find it difficult to sleep! That boy could do my head in at times...but I just love him so much....wish he was here in his own bed. I need to ban sleepovers...or let the boys sleep here. Do you realise how noisy birds are even in the middle of the night....they just haven't shut up...crazy.

So....thought I would show you something else that I made a month or so ago. I was so hyped up to make things to sell to fund my trip to the Simple Goods Show...and guess what....nuthin'....Oppps I lie...I sold my doll on ebay for about $10 ish. Angi from Drakestone won it isn't all bad. I have also been selling my yard sale stuff to Italy. I think the folks at the post office must be wondering what I am up to. ...side tracked as this doll is an Angie Spencer doll. It is her first doll and the doll that I showed with the bird cushion...that is Angie Spencer too...she is giving away that pattern on her blog too. I think...could be If you google Angie Spencer you will find it. The horse is one that I drew up. I needed to have it holding something...and waited for y fave designer to make one available.....but she didn't...(I am speaking of Jackie Schmidt) I think she did me a favour...I love my horsey. I also made the penny rug too. It isn't perfect...just the way I like them...I have a square one sitting on an ottoman that needs to be finished...luckily for the rug...we don't have pets.

So...hope I get some sleep today. about that tragic shooting in Binghamton!!!! The boys were talking about Binghamton the other day...they saw a guy without his top on walking around near the Dunkin' Doughnuts there...and he had moobs...they thought it was hilarious. What is the world coming to? Alot of folks who have come to the US for a better life???? They need to make it alot tougher for immigrants...check their mental health??? I rang and talked to Steve (Sandy's husband) and jokingly said that I hoped that it wasn't our favorite nail guy Donny...and it was a Vietnamese guy!!!! Donny just disappeared...he was good!!!! Those nails had to be forced to come off after about 2 months!!!! Lost none of them.

Now I am dribbling...must be tired by is 4.40am.

the link to the Angie Spencer doll is


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

nothing came up for either of those addresses on Angie..I would love to see her blog..I hope you are getting some is time for me to go to bed at 12:30am...take care..cute doll by the way!!!:)

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh...I'm so tickled you found my blog and left a message. I love yours and all the primitives!! Yahoo...I've got this saved to catch up on later with a good cup of tea.
Oh....where in the UK are you? I lived in England for three years.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wish you could have gotten a little more are going to be exhausted.
I have been working on a few projects too, I will share soon. Dianntha

Farm Field Primitives said...

I love your penny rug. When I make one, it will be just like it. So cool.


T.F.C. Folk Art said...

OOPPSS!!! Sorry Robby!! You asked at a really busy time, and I have to admit that it slipped my mind!! You did a good job on your own. Now go to bed and get some sleep!! I sleep better when the kids are at a sleep over. When they have friends here they are up giggling until 3 in the morning.

Robby said...

Okay so Jackie next doll you design...make her have a horse with it. xxxRobby

Karen said...

Robby, you made me are rambling girl! LOL

I didn't like it when my boys were at sleep overs at a young age either...I can feel for you.

Hope you got some sleep finally.
Hugs, Karen