Sunday, 17 January 2010

Todays photos...


Today was dry and the sun was the whole of Aberdeenshire must've been in the city walking along the beach!!! It was freezing and the waves were wild...and the surfers were out again!!! brrr brrr
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Donna said...

Love that sidelighting! Glad you finally had a decent weather day.

Debbie said...

Boy are you getting good at that! The sun is actually shining here. I have another batch of ornies in the oven baking. I am gonna try and work on PSE tonight. :)


ps... guess what my word verification is.... Mentor! just like you are!!! :)

Robby said...

Donna I had to get Pete to pull over to get the sun like that...It was perfec...but I need the D90 LCD screen eyes are failing fast!..I can't photograph with glasses on and it is a pain to see what I have taken.

Debbie...Donna is my mentor!!! We all need someone to look up to.