Wednesday, 6 January 2010

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Will it ever stop snowing!!!! Brennan and his friend decided to go and shovel the path before heading off for some sledding. I am guessing then that there will be no school tomorrow either...nor for the rest of the week. It is really bad over here with the news saying to only go out if it is a must. They are even saying to stay home from work!

Still haven't changed my decorations...not that I had a lot out. It is too cold. I think this year I will have a huge change and put some of my photos up instead and try out a 'normal' house look.

I have been so hurt yesterday and I am not going to bite back. I need to add to you all, if I give you something it is out of love and not because I am 'buying' your friendship. I have always had and always will have a generous nature.


Donna said...

I know you aren't loving the snow, but I'm loving your snow photos!

I'm so sorry if someone hurt your feelings yesterday. Can I send Marty on a mission to thump on their head?

Robby said...

I did love the snow....but this has gone on for so long...I am tired of it and not finding great stuff to photograph...and it is too snowy to take out my baby (camera). The photos that I have taken are me inside the warm house and taking it through double glazing.

No Marty

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

You actually have more snow than me!!! I love your pictures and as for someone hurting you.... no need to bite back. Those things always come back in the end to bite that person anyways with or without your help! Keep being the same kind,giving person you are and know that not everyone feels the same way one person does about it! Have a great day!

Robby said...

Thank you Holli!!!! I will not change!!!!!

Linda said...

Robby..........I am enjoying your "snow" photos so much! And I read every little hint you write about taking them. Someday a camera like yours will be mine!
Ohio is getting more snow later today!

Debbie said...

Ask Brennan if he will come shovel my walk for me tomorrow if we get the snow they are predicting. I love the wintery scenes.

Miss you today. I am still trying to download textures. Didn't have much luck yesterday. Have a total of six now and don't know how to mess with 3 of them! *laughing*

I don't know what happened but know that I love you for the sweet, person you are. Its whats on the inside that is most important! I am so glad we met. *hugs*

Well, I am off to make a mad dash to the market before the 'big' snow hits.

Take Care,
Debbie xoxo

Robby said...

Linda you know I think you can get great results with a point and shoot with an editing programme. If you don't have photoshop elements try Gimp. It is a free programme that alot of people use and are happy with it. I am glad you like my hints. I should be posting on my other blog instead of here and in time I will move this blog over there.

Oh and keep looking on ebay for a second hand Nikon is brilliant.


Robby said...

Debbie...I wish I was there for you today to help you....I will look out for you later. Email me when you are wanting to learn some more. I think I know what you are trying to do. xxxRobby
ps...Brennan has too much work to do here shovelling out

Robin said...

Oh Robby....You know how I feel about tis situstion..It is a shame that someone is so miserable in their own life, that they feel the need to lash out at someone else...Especially if they knew you were allready a little down, over the loss of a friend to illness...what kind of person kicks another when they are down ? I'm sorry, but it is cruel and unjust.anyone who knows you will see this attack for exactly what it is... vicious and uncalled for.... Just know how much you are loved ! If every time I gave to someone out of the goodness of my heart, I was accused of having a " hidden agenda" I would turn into a selfish person....Maybe that is the problem here....This person gives to get and so is supicious of your intent ....In Psychology I think it is called " transference"...Ok, I'm rambling, but you are better than this....
Love and fluffy hugs...
robin xoxoxoxoxoxo