Monday, 4 January 2010

Tina Wright is now truly an Angel in Heaven.

From Blogger Pictures

I love this photo of Tina....I snagged it from Deke's facebook. I hope you don't mind needs to be shared.

I will miss you forever.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Beautiful photo Robby....I guess I don't know about Tina...But she's just beautiful.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Tina will be missed by so many! I made the picture of her you have here as a tribute to her beautiful spirit. May she rest in peace.

cindy said...

I know, I love that photo that Dale did, its just gorgeous. And thanks Robyn for your kind words (over at my blog) about Tee. She will be so very missed. And blogland loses a very talented woman.

yapping cat

Robby said...

Dale I love that photo you did of Tina....perfect!!!!!

Cindy I will miss her until I meet her again. I can't believe that it took so long to meet you!