Tuesday, 12 January 2010

adding a watermark

From Winter in Scotland

I wonder how everyone makes their watermarks with the little drawing????...I have figured out how to do it in 2 steps. I found a little video on youtube by Jack's Tech Corner. He has a few videos and is very helpful.

I was looking at a blog today and the photographer puts her watermark across her photos so they aren't as attractive to steal...well I don't think anyone would want to steal my photos...but just in case..I am going to watermark them from now on. Mmmm I could change the little picture for a change instead of the font!

Today was my first day home alone in 3 weeks...it was so lovely and quiet!! I was so thrilled to have learnt some more things. I downloaded a font from kevin and amanda (google them...wow) and had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to upload the fonts!!! Need to add some more...gee if I was clever I would write it down!!!

Well I am off to bed....the snow is melting so I will be looking forward to photographing some non snow photos for a change. I did get some great snow shots that I will treasure so it wasn't all bad.


Robin said...

Don't change the name of your Photography blog or business !! You need to keep your name on it....You are going to be big !!!
Love xoxoxox

Debbie said...

I agree with Robin... don't change your name of the blog or business. Its what makes it yours! :) (did that make sense?)


Robby said...

Okay girls...just didn't want to sound so pretentious! It stays then!!!! xxxRobby

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love the little flower with your name..too bad you have to add it though..cause it sure takes away from your beautiful work..:)

Donna said...

I may be a lone wolf here, but the big watermark is a downer for me.

As a photographer, I am a bit concerned that someone may swipe a photo or two from me. But I post low resolution photos and such files are not worth printing bigger than 4x6".

Robby said...

mmmm...Donna I might need to know how to post low res photos then...I do not like having the watermark over them...but I would hate to have someone swipe my photos in the future. xxxRobby

Donna said...

Save out your picture file between 72 and 100 dpi. That is low resolution and all that is needed for a computer screen resolution. Also, I limit my picture to the blog space size. For my current wide main column format, that means a dimension no bigger than 640 by 640 pixels.

I've also learned that there is a way to imbed a copyright into a file using CS4. I've done that with some of the latest artsy photos that I've posted and will continue to do so for these kinds of images. On Elements 8, so to File, then File Info. Then fill out the copyright details.

Robby said...

Thanks Donna....I will go and do that. No photos posted for the last couple of days...I have been busy learning.

Donna said...

You're welcome! I'm learning too, studying along with Lynda.com videos. It's a bit overwhelming. I think I had learned a lot about Elements over the past two years and now discovering that I didn't know much at all! hahaha, we never stop learning!