Monday, 18 January 2010

Salt with your cars?


No thanks! Our cars were covered in salt used on the roads. I was awful!!! Pete got out this afternoon and washed both cars for us. There is nothing worse that having a gritty...white looking sheen on the cars. I like mine nice and shiney!!!

Not much happening here...still trying to figure out how to add photos to a of these days the penny will drop!
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Debbie said...

Oh they are so pretty and shiney! Can Pete come wash mine? :)

Debbie xoxo

Robin said...

You're a smart lady ...You'll get it , don't give up !! Good on Pete keeping that salt off those it is bad too and Randy does a quick rinse off when he is rushed at least...otherwise we'd be driving a "rust bucket"
Love ya..
Robin xoxoxoxo

Donna said...

We've got to get ours washed off soon too!