Saturday, 18 July 2009

Windfarms are everywhere over here. They are even putting them out to sea! They are an interesting blot on the landscape...and are a lot nicer than the electricity pylons everywhere.
Pete told Jordan that if he slept then the trip would go faster. I think he slept half the way home!!! Can you see how small my car is. I have a little Fiat Punto.
Brennan got himself cozy for the trip home. He played his DS most of the way home...only slept once!!!
This old car was on the back of a trailer...and the car had a business name... Fantasy Car Hire!!!! It was a Lamb bikini....can't remember how to spell Lambourghini (sp).
Back into is typical....rainy weather!!!
This is overlooking the city of Aberdeen...yuck!
Check this guy out!!!! He was riding a Harley Davidson out of uniform!!!!! The uniform of a Harley rider is an open faced matt black only...a leather vest...Johnny Reb boots...saddlebags on the bike....a back pack...palllleeeae!!! Pete was speeding trying to get a pic of him side on...but he knew we were onto him!!! That 'biker' was dressed like he was off to a halloween
This is at the on the photo to make it bigger. Wonder if they had on underwear????
Pete driving along the beach...there were 12 ships parked there but the weather was so bad that they didn't photograph.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

great photos..Jordan looks so cute sleeping and Brennan looks cool as a cucumber enjoying his tunes..:)