Sunday, 12 July 2009

Day One in Devon

This is I guess the Atlantic Ocean...well the highway is the Atlantic Highway....straight away the B52's song...Love Shack came to mind...that is Pete and my love song!!!! I think I was looking down at the beach at Taunton.
We pulled in for a photo opportunity....and there were a couple of Aussies chatting to them and found out that they came from Airlie Beach...near Townsville. Well they had hired my dream car for a week...dontcha just love it!!!!!
And...I had to sit in the driver's seat!!!!
This is the boys walking towards the water at Croyde Beach. Well I laid on the sand...and got burnt while I waited for them. (Pete said my english was Whilst I laid on the sand, I burnt to a cinder)
This is Pete walking back to the car after being on the beach.
Brenny walking back to the car.
Jordan was clearing the sand out of his shoes before getting back to the car.

We also met up with Pete's Auntie Valerie, his cousin Mike, Mike's wife, Chris and their daughter Mica. We had a great evening. More coming of the family...and lots of photos too I am sure.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh you all look happy and look pretty stinking cute in that micro little hippy..;)

Robby said...

I tell of these days I am getting one!!!! My sunburn doesn't look cute...ouch.