Saturday, 18 July 2009

Parcels from America!!!!

Today was parcel day....we have been away and the mail person was busy. The first parcel is from Gina. There was so much in the box!!! The boys got some sweets, a soccer game, batteries, a squeezy head...gross...and a thing for the beach..and it is raining!!! I have never had room spray...and the one that Gina makes is yummy. The DMC thread is brilliant!!! Oh the card...nearly peed my pants with what was is a little rude and if you want to know...I will tell you. I got so much cool stuff!!!! Gina has a sewing machine that does a great witch cushion..moulds...spindles....wool.....and so much on the pic and you can see it all!!!! Thanks was like Christmas!!!!

This selection is from Robin. I sent off an S.O.S....I needed some blue and brown fabric to do more work on my new quilt. I had $27 left in my purse of US it went on holidays without me!!!! I love it. Look forward to cutting it all up. I bought Robin a cameo needle punch for her birthday....and I got the very first project that she did with it. How prim and beautiful is this??? I need a is done with 6 strands I think.

The boys also got spoilt by Robin. Brennan is a super dooper lover of Mac and Robin bought him a packet of it...and Jordan got pop tarts and they are ice cream fudge sundae...they were happy little campers with my 2 parcels!!

Thanks girls!!!! It was a great day today!!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh so glad you love your goodies..the piece of fabric with the guy on is a ironing board cover..iron over the blue spot...its a BIG surprise..I also thought the jeans purse was so you too..a bit funky...have you tried your yummy birthday will make you feel fab..gotta run and eat breakfast and get to my show..have a wonderful evening.:)

Robby said...

ohhhh....I wondered why it had writing on the Will use my smellies after a they are great!!!! Have a great show!!! xxxRobby