Friday, 10 July 2009

Finishing up now to get ready for the beach

I got a photo of Jordan's first day of primary school....and this is him home after his final day. He is starting high school on August 18!!!!!
I started this penny rug so long ago...Pete was begging me to finish it...which then made Brennan make comments about it not being I surprised them and it is done.
I saw a stitchery like this done by Linda Babb and thought I would try my own. I need to lace it into the frame but you get the idea.
I have finished another few of the witches. I love them. to the beach tomorrow in Devon,England for 5 nights there and the travelling to and 7 days away. I haven't packed anything!!!! If Pete knew that I was doing this instead of getting ready...I think he would be

Oh and can we have another burst of prayers for Pete please. The CAA still haven't finished off the paperwork for his licence. So ....until it is printed and signed....we don't have the payrise that we desperately need...and that Pete deserves!!! So....please pray that it gets mailed quickly. It is an anti climax of emotion. On Monday they said it was in order...and now it is Friday and it still isn't.

See you all when I get back...and hopefully have tonnes of pics to show you all.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

have a wonderful time..I am going to miss our chats and our emails..bring me back something pretty..I promise I will be a good girl..(you know I can be good don't you?) your dolls and the framed one too..and love that rug...Tell Jordan he looks mighty handsome too...:) enjoy!!!!!!

Erica said...

Have a wonderful holiday Robby.......keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs Erica

Christine said...

Oh Robs...I sure hope things work out for were so excited the other day when you told me- I'll pray for you! Hope you have a nice holiday....and relax and have one for me ;)

Karen said...

Hi Robby - have a wonderful time on vacation - sounds like lots of fun...and yes, we'll be praying for you and Pete.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Robby, Have lots of fun and don't worry about anything, just enjoy the time away with your family. It will probably fall into place by the time you get back. Boy, that Jordan is a handsome guy!

Robby said...

Thanks girls...well need to get the toiletries packed...some stitching organised...showered and boys up...then holiday time...crappy weather though...lucky we are also going to see family that we haven't seen since 2005. xxxRobby