Thursday, 4 June 2009


This is me in the woods that I am whinging about.
These frames cost me a grand total of 1.15 that price!!!
This is going to be the basis of my new tutorial...40p for a!!!

If you were from the East End of London you would say that today is my Frift Store Firsday. I popped down the street to get some food...and I always check out the charity shops.

Today I got these frames and I am going to do a primitive/stitchery/cross stitch in them. There is a girl on webshots and I love her stuff. I hope I kept her addy...her surname is Babbs or something. Anyway I love the style she does. They will look perfect above my peg rails once they are painted.

I also got the glasses case for 40 pence. I think it looks like a simple way to make a glasses case...might be a tutorial in there.

I also made something for a swap and am itching to show you all but I need to tell the recipient not not read my blog for a week or so.

On a non crafting environmental note....gee wizz I am a grumpy old woman...must need to get back on my happy pills!!!! Going down the street today, I walk through the woods for a bit of is so serene...and then I get to the bloody garbage that the acadamy (hight school) kids leave. I asked a group of youngsters who were smoking to move out of the way while I took a photo with Jordan's phone. They asked me why was I taking a photo. I told them it was about the rubbish. I was like an environmental nutcase. I told them that they have such as beautiful country and the youth of the UK are going to destroy it. The kids told me that the council provides a man to clean the town but he only pics up a couple of pieces of rubbish and walks away. Ummmm I always give that guy a bit of encouragement and tell him what a great job he does. Well anyway then I told them that our generation will be letting these kids take over and they need to look after their country. Then!!!!! of the girls asked me what I was going to do and I told her that I would be off to the council to speak to the environmental officer and she said.....oh they won't do anything!......................THEN.....................I went to the council and spoke to the officer and debated what they should do. I asked him if they had fines and he asked me how was going to issue the fines?????????? I told him I would. For crying out loud.....this is a bogus country when the people that are supposed to run the country and who are in control of issues relating to littering say that they can't do anything really???? He is going to contact the school and ask the rector (head) to let the kids know that littering is wrong. So.........maybe I need to be a crusader for the woods???????............OR.....go home!!!!!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you go sister and let em have is sad when I see littering..if we are out walking..I pick it up..hello!!! its not hard to do..especially on our road..I hate litter...would you be talking about me and the swap thing? ohh..I can't wait to see what she looks like if this is so...:)

Colleen said...

Good for you!!! I cannot stand litter!! We have a beautiful country (world) and we are trashing it up!! What's wrong with people??? No one cares...not even the people that make the laws...AARRRGGGHHH!!! We use to live in TX in a couple different towns over the last 8 years and it made me so disgusted how much trash was thrown around! My DH use to tell me to ignore it...that's just the culture there, but I couldn't and it was one of the reasons I wanted to move back to PA. It is so clean and litter-free here. Did I just get on the band wagon??? Sorry...

Erica said...

Love your photo look lovely and cool. Doesn't that shit you the way people treat their own backyard....whais the matter with people. I can't believe it sometimes I will be following a car and they will just drop a bag full of McDonalds rubbish out the window like its a normal thing to do. Doesn't my carhorn get a workout!!!!

Erica said...

woohoo it finally let me leave a comment....the first time ever!!!!!

Robby said...

Littering is senseless....I just don't get it!!! I feel like telling people that they have dropped something. Just another thing to make me feel anxious!!!