Sunday, 7 June 2009

My 15 pence frame

The top frame is the one that I paid 15 pence for.
I drew up this design. I would love to take credit for the vase of flowers...but...I saw a little doodle somewhere and drew it...I didn't trace it.
I sewed the stitchery onto weavers cloth and stitched it using one strand of DMC.
I then gave it a bath in tea. I just used one teabag. I then dried it in the microwave on 30 second intervals. I then used a paint brush and gave it random spots of coffee and microwaved it again.
Then I sanded the frame and painted it with black paint. I then gave it a coat of mod podge.

I think for a grand total of 15 pence it looks pretty good. If you want to print the drawing, it should be flat enough to trace.

On a personal note....I have been off my medication for depression for a couple of months and it hasn't gone well. I suffer depression and anxiety. It is an awful thing to have. A lot of people do not understand that you just can snap out of it. For what seems like a simple thing can feel like a real drama to me.

We as a family have been under enormous pressure with Pete studying. We have had to be quiet for the last 2 years while he has worked full time and studied for the time he has had off. We have two boys so that has been very stressful for us all. He has finally finished his exams and has done brilliantly. The CAA still haven't given him an answer to wether they will give him a reduction in the rules. It is so expensive to like in the UK and we really need Pete to get his licence so he can get his payrise. Please, if you have a few minutes spare, pray for him to be able to celebrate his efforts.

I was getting down because my things haven't been selling well....then I got a few bargains on ebay.. 46 fat quarters, they are civil war reproductions for $42 and a 40 piece jelly roll for $14.95 and then yesterday I won a 32 inch sq wall quilt in civil war fabrics for $ promise I won't whinge any more. Admittedly I have to pay for postage as well....but I still got bargains!!!

I have gone back on my medication hopefully I will back to my cheery self again soon. And to the friends that I might have peed off....sorry. I am feeling very thinned skinned and I don't know if I have read more into what is written or not said.

Oh I feel like I have bared my soul...don't know if I like it or not....


Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

Hi Robby
Just love the stitchery and getting something so cheap would have cheered your mood...keep your chin up and tomorrow will be a brighter blessings to you Angi XX

Anonymous said...

Robby, I just love the way you drew up the design and finished it. Totally amazing! Wish that I could do things like that, but I am not gifted in that area.

I know that life is a bit rough right now, but you have to have faith that it will all end up the way it is meant to. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Take care.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Robby, I'm so sorry that you have been feeling down. I would never have known it from our conversations. You are always such a lively thing. Things will work out. You have tons of friends pulling for you and your family. Stay strong and know that we are here for you.
Hugs and Blessings.

Donna said...

What a beautiful design! Perhaps you should create stitchery designs to sell! The final product is just lovely.

I am sorry that you have been feeling poorly. Please get the meds refilled and don't try to do without them. I will be praying that your husband gets the raise that is needed too.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Robby, I love it!!! you do such nice work..I will have to remember the one thread..fabulous..your surprise is still coming..haven't gotten it yet..still waiting..emailed the said person and hope they send it soon...take care and have a wonderful day..;)as always I love our chats...:)

Robby said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I just wish I could be normal!!

Donna, thanks for your comment. I have just drawn a design and will show it when it is done. Hopefully by the end of the week.


Robin said...

Oh my dear friend...what is normal ?? And I'm sure it can't be fun....LOL
Love you to pieces and al always, a beautiful design and finished work....Love it !!!

Colleen said...

Oh, Robby...I'm so sorry to hear you suffer from depression :( It can be a very debilitating thing. You will be better now that you have started back on your meds. I will keep you all in prayer :)

I love your stitchery!!! It turned out beautifully! You're so talented :)

Colleen said...

Forgot to much is 15 pence?? :)

Robby said...

Hello is 23 cents. Bargain or what!!!! xxxRobby

Erica said...

I'm with Robin....what is NORMAL???? Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the stitchery, turned out fabulous. Big Hugs Erica xxxxx

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Robby: I'll be praying for you! Sounds extremely stressful for you, and we've all had our share as well. God knows you. Hang in there.

appleberrycottage said...

Hang in there! I have kids with ADD and anxiety, so know there's no quick fix to those issues. Use your crafts as therapy, and don't worry about the sales. It kinda goes in phases as to what sells - and I still haven't figured it out!
Laura :)