Monday, 15 June 2009

The post came early this morning.

I did a swap with Angie . Well talk about excitement at the Regan household. The boys were shouting that they would take 'dibs' opening the parcel...and the elephant was unwrapped...well the dibs were getting yelled....Jordan claimed her so fast...I made Brennan a cat the other he sort of accepted it.

The chips were nearly opened but I stopped them quick smart!!!! They are cinnamon sugar....sounds interesting...might be having them soon.

The fabric is beautiful....I really love the light blue one...I will make myself something special with that for sure.

I need to make some make dos to use the springs!!!

Last but by no means least........those lights are the best!!!!!!! I need to be getting an adaptor to use them. Scents usually take you back to a place...and the halloween ones reminded me of Sandy's house!!! They are beautiful lights!!!

Thank you so much Angie!!!!! I love them all.


Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Robby, Nice swap package. That elephant is too cute. I would fight over him too. I love that light blue fabric too. That will age up really nice. What did you give for the swap? One of your awesome creations? Well, have fun with your lights. They look great and will be so cute at Halloween.
Hugs, Nan

Robby said...

Nan I can't say what I gave yet. I will send you a photo. xxxRobby

Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a great swap! I have 3 sets of those spring mattresses here and didn't know what to do with them. DH tried to toss them and I wouldn't let him. *lol* I love the elephant and the lights!

Can't wait to see what you do with them.


lovetheprimlook said...

Robby, I am so happy that you like everything !!! I am so excited to see what you sent !!!

Big Hugs !!!

Cookie said...

ooooh... what an awesome Ellie!!!

dont you just love swaps? I know I do! ♥

Karen said...

You got some wonderful goodies Robby.
I've seen those chips in the store but never bought were they?

Tina said...

Those chips are wonderfuly sweet and crunchy!! you'll love them!! You made out like a bandit on that swap!!

WoolenSails said...

Great goodies, love the little elephant.
A friend sent me a spring like that, still need to make a makedo for it.