Saturday, 20 June 2009

Change of plan

Since I bought the quilt from ebay, I changed my mind on my quilt. I love the blue and browns in the quilt that I it is a blue and brown quilt. One day I will make a red and white one the same. The blocks that I have started with be used for a lap quilt I think.

I slept in this morning...9.48!!!! The boys didn't wake me up fighting...whoooohoooo. One the other hand...I have felt so tired because of the 11 hrs I slept!!!

The boys are out with their friends....I should be off this computer and doing some more blocks!!!

Keep praying for Pete to get his licence granted. He has submitted the the waiting begins. He is such a good man...and has worked so hard in his career. I sure hope for his sake that they see it our way.


Colleen said...

Robby...I love the quilt! Beautiful colors :)

You must have needed that sleep or you wouldn't have slept that long :) I hate that "groggy" feeling tho...seems like you just can't get going. Oh, well....

BTW...I didn't get a chance to look at your blog yesterday and comment but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your "tours"! You live in lovely country!

Robby said...

Thanks know...just spent the last hour asleep again!!!!

Scotland is a beaustiful country that is for sure. I will miss the countryside when I got home eventually.


Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Robby, I love blue and brown too. Looks fab so far. I think you made the right decision. Oh, BTW I really love your new blog header photo showing off your awesome framed stitchery. A+

Donna said...

That blue and brown combination is lovely! And I'll be praying for your husband to get his license!