Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Oh happy day!!!!

Pete and I were at Collieston the other day and I spotted the old phone box....couldn't resist getting my picture taken here. I am not at all happy with what I have done to my body in the last few months. Those pants had to be worn with a belt last summer. That t.shirt fitted nicely at Christmas. I got it from Jacie in a swap and I love it...pity I look chubby in the gut!!!

Okay...now some exciting news....I was bidding on some fabric and I got 46 fat quarters and a 40 piece jelly roll in civil war reproduction fabrics for the grand total of $57!!!!! (postage was 39.95...but was still thrilled). Pete had me put my maximum bid on the fat quarters of $90!!!! I got them for $42!!!! So...I am going to make a quilt for our bed when I get it....so I won't be creating too much for a while. I am loving the quilts that Denyse Schmidt does... www.dsquilts.com I love the Drunk love in a log cabin.!!! Keep you posted on how I go. I know I should do a traditional quilt with civil war fabric...but I am hoping that it will work.

Next bit of news....I am sitting her with greasy hair...the hot water system is not working as it should ....I am waiting for the gas dude to come and fix it...I will greet him with flat hair!!!!

The postie came today while I was cleaning the cloakroom (the downstairs dunny)and dropped this on the mat!!!!!! When we were in America in January, Grace invited me to her rughooking group. I had a wonderful time and was extremely envious that each month she gets to hang out with a wonderfully talented bunch of really nice women!!!! And you should have seen the spread that Rose put on!!!!!! I sent her a thank you gift for her hospitality and she sent me this beautiful punchneedle and the frame was painted by Rose too!!!! I did have to put a light coat of modpodge on it...didn't want it to get scratched. Rose is so talented....she works for a pottery place and her and her husband, Larry are designers. I can't remember what it is ....Thank you Rose. I hope you read my blog!

Yesterday was the perfect day. I don't think that Scotland gets much better than we had yesterday. Brennan wanted hotdogs for lunch so I had to go and get some buns. We walked through the woods looking for the white rabbit. Someone lost their bunny!!! Brennan is growing up and I think he is a beautiful boy. Can't say little for much longer...he is nearly as big as me!!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Love the photos Robby..I too have one of me in a red booth in London...I will email it to you..love your little one..he is adorable..can't wait to see your newest quilt...Take care my dear and have a wonderful day..:)

Colleen said...

Love the phone booth! We live on a country road and one of our "neighbors" has an old one (not red, though) in his yard. It is so cute!

What a great gift! I love the punch needle she did for you.

Your son is a cutie! He probably wouldn't appreciate that phrasiology but it's true! How old is he?? 8/9?? I just loved that age when my son was growing up (he's now 35...EEEKKKK!).
Enjoy these years with him...they go by too fast :)

Karen said...

Hi Robby - well I love the photos....Brennan is such a little cutie...
I see NOTHING wrong with your photo girl...it's wonderful.

I'm soooo envious of you getting to go to the rug hooking session...i soooo want to do that.
Grace is going this week again.
I am going to meet her tomorrow and I'll get my room secured...sure you don't want to come and join us??????
Hugs, Karen

Robby said...

Thanks for the comments. Colleen, Brennan has just turned 10. I think he is a cutie. Karen, I would be beside myself to come over...too poor...aaawwwwwwwww. Gina, love your phone box pic...going back to copy you. xxxRobby

big city prims said...

Hey Robbie, what a cuty-pa-tootie!Hey, what do you guys over in Scotland think of the Susan Boyle thing??

Robby said...

Thanks Terry I think Brenny is cute. I think Susan Boyle did an amazing job. She was so harrassed by the media. It is no wonder she is in The Priory!!!!! I hope she gets the help she needs and comes back and sings like an angel again. xxxRobby