Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My little neighbour

This little girl is my neighbour. I went to her class Christmas party and got this photo of her. She is so beautiful! Over this week, I have taken some beautiful photos....and lots of moving and yellow lights are not condusive to getting beautiful shots!!!! Lucky for me....there is black and white!!!

I took photos of Brennan's class having a Victorian Tea Party. We raised 74 GBP for Barnardo's from selling the photos for 1 GBP each to the parents. We sold 84 photos!!!! Not bad considering that I had only had my camera for a month.

Well better get going...another busy day of photos...and getting them printed. Then I have the holidays to edit the ones that I have been taking this week. Hope I can learn some new tricks too.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you are a natural Robby...I love the photos..can't wait to see more..and I miss you blogging...Take care and have a wonderful thursday..:)

Debbie said...

I had wondered what was keeping you so busy. Nice to hear how you helped Brennan's class raise the extra money. Your certainly putting your talents to work.

Take Care,

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh she's beautiful....such a tired yet peaceful look on her face.
You do know how to capture people.

Donna said...

She's a gorgeous child, and you got a great photo of her! Woohoo, I'm cheering you on!!!

I am looking forward to our time getting settled down so that I can learn more tricks too (on Photoshop). We've been too busy with getting stuff picked out for the new house. But it should settle down in January. There are tons of online sources of information these days. You just need time to digest the information and time to play around!