Thursday, 31 December 2009

I took photos yesterday and....

I wasn't overwhelmed with them. The light was ???? and it looked so blah. I used my photoshop elements 8 on this photo. From a nothing photo to something that I like. Mind you...this was taken while we were driving so the grass in the bottom of the photo is a bit yuck.

My cousin in Devon, Chris is wanting a DSLR. I am trying to give her good advice like Donna gave me...but hey I am not a pro. I do think that possibly a less expensive body with good glass will give great shots....and PSE 8 can turn a nothing photo into something nice. So Donna do you think I am wrong? If money is no option...obviously get a D90 (she is looking at it....I do want I think the D3000 will give great results if money is an option.

This is obviously the before photo.

From Blogger Pictures

After adjusting the levels and cropping the photo it looks more acceptable and not blah.

From Blogger Pictures


Debbie said...

What a big difference in the two photos. I am still hoping to figure out Elements but not having much luck since I have no photography buddies to help me figure it out. One of these day, hopefully in 2010 I will be posting nice pictures like you! :)

Take Care and Happy New Years,

Donna said...

Ah, and you are discovering the magic of the photo editing programs, where they can salvage your photos and give them some ooomph! Love the little birdie header - oh my! Be still my heart!

Yes, yes on the camera advice. The D3000 just has less bells and whistles as far as features/adjustments. If budget is an issue, it will deliver beautiful photos. But when you think about how long you want to use your camera, you want to buy as much as you can afford. It is an investment. We would have kept on with the D70s ourselves, but we adored the larger screen in the back of the D90s because of our senior eyes. And photography is our top pasttime, so we don't scrimp a few hundred dollars when it comes to equipment.

So it comes down to a balance, like any other major purchase. We can't justify to ourselves one of the high-end Nikon cameras like D3x which sells for $7500. But we can have a lot of fun and take breathtaking pictures with one that cost about 10% of the price. And we'll probably use the D90s for 5-10 years.

Robby said...

Debbie what do you mean you have no photography buddies....aren't I your buddy???? Will email you and stalk you!

Donna...oh yeah I took a bunch of tatt yesterday....but then I thought that I could MAKE them look

I am with you on the camera...I am getting senior eye too soon....I would love the screen of the D90...and had to get Pete to check the little pictures to change to night for me...need to wear glasses to change to those icons. I do love my camera to bits....I am glad I listened to you and was extra lucky to find it on ebay!!!!

Debbie...salopets are ski/waterproof pants with braces.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

OMGosh girl I think you have Photoshop mastered.
I have it but have no clue how to use it.
Wonderful picture by the way....LOVE IT.

Robby said...

Karen...haven't got it mastered by a long shot...but....figured out how to add click and all of the work is done for is magic. xxxRobby