Sunday, 27 December 2009

My latest news.....

Well this is typed using my new laptop. I was on my old computer and oddly enough....I was able to go to outlook express and got an email from Karen Martinsen and forgot that my internet wasn't working...and clicked the link....then...lo and behold it connected to the internet. I then did something else....and it didn't work....then thought...hang on I will try to go through the outlook express through Karen's newsletter...and it connected again. Why is that? Hey I am not complaining....the bank account is a bit lighter again...but this compter is nice and new and shiny!!!!!

The boys got ipod touch thingies for Christmas...they have been sitting like this photo of Brennan...too cute.

Oh and on another computer glitchy thing....I can't log into delphiforums????? I don't know why....and I will miss you all....but my new computer doesn't like it????


Donna said...

Ah, Santa brought you a new computer! Sorry that the old one pooped out on you though. Ugh, don't you hate having to reset everything? Hope you didn't lose any of your files! Hahaha, those itouches are such fun. We both have them and take them with us when we travel.

You might want to send an e-mail to Judy or one of the Delphi forum mommas for a new invite. Since it is a private forum, it probably doesn't like a new IP address trying to get in.

Also, check out my latest blog post! You might like it!

Robby said...

Hey Donna....nope didn't lose anything thank God. I just can connect to the internet...but could via outlook express...very odd.

I can't even get to log into delphi...when I do the .....very strange too!!!!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

YEAH said Pete was going to buy you a new wonderful.
What kind did you get???

Sometimes the internet isn't activated - I know when I first got my laptop I had to hold down the Fn and F2 key at once for it to connect...otherwise it was totally shut off. Now I know NEVER TO TOUCH THOSE TWO KEYS! lol

Not sure if that was your problem though....but glad you can get on anyway.

Hugs, Karen

Robby said...

Karen I got a HP....4G 320HD....and it is nice and shiny....or is that shiney????

Now need to get the old laptop working....and the other one from the shop that went on the fritz about 6 months ago. I wonder why it took so long to take to the shop???

xxxRobby...and again...thank you for selling the stuff for me...Pete only had to fork out £299 for me. It was £599 and down to £399!!!!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...