Friday, 4 December 2009

I have sewn!!!

After heartfelt pleas from my crafting friends, Robin, Sandy, Nan, Gina, Grace, Jennifer...and anyone else I may have forgotten.....I made something for Robin for Christmas! Now I have a mess to clean up again. Mind you, it took me all week to get it I want one!!!

On an exciting crafting note....Karen (kmprimitives) had an open house and sold $172 worth of stuff for me!!! I had made it for the Simple Goods Show and didn't get to it. So....that is going towards a new laptop...this one is looking ratty...and the new one will not have kids touching it. Thank you so much are a sweetie.

If you are wondering about the crows...I took this photo the other day...our trees are full of them around here. The are called a murder of crows...roll the r.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Congrats to you!!! It is going to be a Merry Christmas! Dianntha

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

A murder of crows. Just like Sting sings about in his song. Glad you are back to crafting and I'm sure Robin will LOVE your creation.

Robin said...

You KNOW I am like a little kid here, now waiting for my wonderful surprise goody from you !! I would pee my pants from exccitement, but I pee even if I'm not excited so that doesn't describe how happy I am just can't wait !!!
I love you sooo soooo much !

Robby said...

Dianntha it will be a merry long as we have a roof over our heads and food in our word of wisdom I was ever give by my father. My eldest son commented that some kids here get 2K (GBP) spent on them....I told him that we would never be doing that. That is crazy!!!

Nan...I have a huge mess again...but I better keep at is lonely without crafting and keeping up with the blogs.

Robin....I will keep away from you when you sneeze next time I am with you....or wear a love you too!!!!!!!


Donna said...

Lovely silhoutte! Glad to hear that you got the sewing bug a'going, LOL. Mine' tucked away in one of the closets here at the rental and I hear it crying for attention now and then. Ain't gonna happen for a while!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

cool photo!! and glad you are sewing again.made my bettina and crow doll and my girlfriend helping me with my show loved mine that you made that she bought the one I made..:) I love making those dolls..Thanks for the inspiration too..I used yours to look at while I made mine..;)

Robby said...

Gina I saw your Bettina...and she is beautiful! I am off now to take photos of Santa and his reindeer...rushing Brennan here...he is having breakfast. xxxRobby