Friday, 15 May 2009

Whew...deadline nearly made

I have been working away on bits and pieces but the 15th came too quickly for me. I have added 2 new things for this update on the Lemon Poppy shoppe. I hope you go and have a look. Erica (in Australia) bought the first Liberty Wall Hanging...thanks Erica....I told Pete that if that didn't sell then I would give up trying to sell. I have made another one if anyone is wanting one. I also made a cute Uncle Sam....with a big look of my favorite designer...Ms Jackie you would never guess that I loved her dolls would ya!!!

I did sell a stitchery on the poppy shoppe the other day....just got to get my postage the time I sent it...I made a quid but I was just happy to send away the craft item to Cynthia and threw in a surprise.

On another note....I got my hair dyed differently on Monday and I was wondering what it looked out comes the camera and I took pics of it. I do love the way Jamie does my hair. I will get it changed next month though to a darker brown...deep and shiny...and a brighter colour. I love funky hair!!!!


Debra said...

Wonderful things you made! Hope you sell them all!

Karen said...

Robby you are just such a hoot! Your posts are a bright spot in my day I must say.
I'm off to Lemon Poppyseeds!
Keep selling and you'll get to the US for the March Twiggs outing for sure.

Bren said...

Robby, your hair looks Great!! The Uncle Sam is adorable, I'm sure he'll sell. I'll hop on over to the Poppy shoppe and check things out.
Love your posts, am always looking forward to the next one.
Have a Great Day!!
Hugs, Bren

Deb said...

Funky hair is a great thing! I looks great on you!

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Robby, Glad to see your spirits have improved. I hate to see you down. Your Uncle Sam is just prim-adorable. I always love everything you create. Love the funky hair too.
Have a great weekend.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

your doll is wonderful! you do such great work..and I love your hair..I swear we are sisters from a different mom..we both love wild and funky are a doll..have a wonderful weekend..:)

This Country Girl said...

Love that color of your hair...I love reds!

I think your Uncle Sam is so cute and I'm glad you made a sale too! I want everything I see....I wish my budget would let me! :)

Have a great weekend!