Wednesday, 13 May 2009

What I have been doing.

Well it has been a week or so let me tell ya. I won't even go there.....just shed a lot of tears..yesterday being the worst. The medical centre receptionist is my least favorite person. I was late for an appointment last week and she wouldn't let me just slot back in....then get a crappy letter....just what I needed....then went to the appointment with an hour to spare...let a lady know that I was there...sat there and read 3 magazines...and waited until I got 25 mins after my alloted appointment...and asked last weeks receptionist why it was taking so long. She looked at me and told me the appointment was cancelled (she omitted to say...she cancelled it after I was booked in)....well after a few what tha's....and mouthing words your mamma wouldn't want to see....I stormed out of there in tears....took 7 mins to march home...I usually take 12!!!! Long story another appointment...and got some tablets to see if my bloating will disappear. So...hoping to be over the worst of my blues soon.

So much pressure being us at the moment. Pete is going to Switzerland in a week and a half to sit a course to finish his studying...(please God let this be the end)...and then he has had to send off a letter and heaps of proof to the CAA in the hope that they reduce his time from 5 years to 3 years in the civil aviation field. Pete has been doing his job for 20 years but alot of that has been on military helicopters. So.....if you are needing something to pray about....please....please....please pray for my sweet husband. He has worked and studied so hard and he needs to see the end of the books and the start of the payrise.

So....on another note....this is one of my offerings this month. She is my own little idea. Hope you like it. I am going to list it on Lemon Poppy Seeds for $30 plus postage. It is made from an old feedsack that I bought in Adamstown. The clothes for the Uncle Sam are osnaburg. The hanging pockets are 6 inches X 16.5 inches and the Uncle Sam is 13 inches tall.

If you are interested in purchasing this or ordering one then just email me.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you did a fantastic job on your uncle sam..I will put in a little pray for hubs..I would have reacted the same way about your doctors appt..I can't believe they kept you there without saying a word..I have had to wait for my doctor( no longer seeing her) for 45 minutes...then she quickly talked to me..filled my meds not going to her again..ridiculous..anyway I hope you are feeling better..:)

Robby said...

Thanks Gina....Pete will really appreciate it. Thanks for the comment on Uncle Sam....I am in love with it. I have the materials so I can make some and still keep one the same. I love making something from no pattern. It gets me thinking creatively..and the buzz is great. xxxRobby

Bren said...

Omgosh, what an ordeal at the Dr's!! I would have said a few choice words myself. I hope that resolves and you feel better. I'll keep hubby in my thoughts and prayers. The Sam's are adorable!!
Hope the rest of your week goes better.
Hugs, Bren

Colleen said...

I had a similar experience at the Dr's a few years back! It sure was embarrassing. Remember...what goes around, comes around. :)

I'll keep your DH (and you, too) in my prayers.

Have a better week :)

This Country Girl said...

The Uncle Sam is adorable! I love it!

Sorry you had such a time at the Dr.'s office! I hope you're better soon.

Have a great evening,

Karen said...

Hey there kiddo....I am so sorry you are having such a horrible time with that dr's office...the receptionist sounds like a horrible person.
Please feelbetter soon.
Big hugs,

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

A BIG HUG SENT YOUR WAY MY SWEET FRIEND!!!!...I hope you're feeling better now!....I love the Uncle sam!!!!....hugs,Jen

Robby said...

Thanks girls for all of the comments. Sun is shining so all should be great. I wonder what I will make today!!!


Robin said...

Hugs and prayers for you my sweeeeeet friend !!!
Wow...loving your uncle sam pillow ....absolutely prim perfection and such a cute idea !!!
Love you xoxoxoxoxo

Robby said...

Thanks Robin....he has found a home in another one nearly finished for the LPS...and will do a couple of orders too. xxxRobby

Mary said...

Very cute! Lve your little liberty doll!

Just*Simply*Prim said...

I just love all you Patriotic Americana goodies! They steal my heart!--Dawn

Just*Simply*Prim said...

Oh I just went and bought myself some of your Americana cuties! Thanx for sharing your talent with us!--Dawn

Robby said...

Thanks Dawn!!! Parcel sent off and hope you love them for years to come. xxxRobby

Just*Simply*Prim said...

hey Robby I got my two goodies and I must say I love then so much!! You are an awesome sewer! Thank you for sharing your handmade prims with us! Love love them !!! I will be back for more goodies!! Thanx again... ---Dawn

Robby said...

Thanks for the post Dawn. I am so happy that you loved them. Look forward to sending to you again in the future.