Monday, 18 May 2009

For Sale

Bettina and her crow. She is rag stuffed and is super heavy. She is 21 inches tall. The pattern is from Pineberry Lane. $55 includes postage.
This is another Liberty wallhanging. The other one went to Australia. It is made from an old feed sack that I bought in Adamstown, PA. The wallhanging is 6.5 inches x 16.5 inches and the Uncle Sam is 14 inches tall. You can purchase this for $30 and includes postage. This one is sold but I can make another one if you would like one.
This rag doll is 19.5 inches tall. She is an Angie Spencer pattern. She is rag stuffed. She is $28 and includes postage.

I am still hoping to fund myself a trip to the I have been lucky enough to have the offer of wholesaling to a friend in the US. I am also selling on this blog. If you are wanting to buy from me please email me and I will send you my paypal details. All the prices include postage. All of the products used to make the dolls were purchased in the US and no doubt the money I make will see it's way back into the US economy.


Tina said...

These are awesome gal!! hope they do good for ya!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love em..hey where are taking a trip to in the US? you can come and stay here with me..I have a guest bedroom all set for just let me know..and I will take care of you as your dollies by the way...:)

Karen said...

These are beautiful Robby - I especially love Bettina!
I pray you will be able to come over here for a visit....I have a thought...if you make it for Twigs gathering I was wondering if you would come here and we could drive down together???? How much fun would that be? And then I wouldn't have to drive that distance alone.

Karen said...

P.S...sorry Cat Nap Inn...didn't read your post! Well now Robby look at all the people just clammering to have you as their guest!!!!

Robby said...

Thanks for the kind comments girls....and the offer to have me. Got a bit more to sell before we can book the ticket...but it was a nice boost yesterday to sell a couple more things!!! xxxRobby

lovetheprimlook said...

Robby, your work is wonderful !!!!


Robby said...

Thanks Angie!!!! xxxRobby