Monday, 18 May 2009

I have been sewing....

I made 7 dolls...and one girl is still needing clothes. I do like this girl. She is a Angie Spencer doll. My other one that is for sale on my picturetrail has different arms and legs..I wonder what doll arms and legs I used on the other doll????? I took photos of all of the dolls I made but that camera I have is so fickle and some photos work and some don't...aarrrgghhh. Does anyone have the perfect point and shoot camera?

This week is a quiet week in the house...Pete is back to studying. Please pray for him for next week whilst he is in Switzerland on a course and on Thursday next week he is sitting the essay exam. As lots of you already know, Pete has been studying for around 3 years as well as working.

We have had some great neighbours in our time. One lot of neighbours were the Vohland's. When we bought our first house, Joe was always there for Pete with advice and friendship. They have been through so much in the last 13 years. Rae had a cold sore and it nearly killed her. She ended up with encefalitis (you know I have spelt it wrong...but I am trying to tell a story)...well she almost died and it was awful for everyone around them...I had never seen Joe look upset. Pete prayed for a miracle for Rae and he got an like a dill I went over all excited and told them that Rae was going to be fine. Well Rae pulled through. She did not get away with it unscathed...memory loss was one of the side effects that she suffered.

Rae and Joe's daughter has MS.
Rae and Joe's son Tim married a lovely girl named Kim. Kim got a brain tumour. She got pregnant and just before the due date the baby died. Kim is still alive. Thank God.
Rae and Joe's grandson, Ben got cancer at about 5 years old while they were living in Canada. He went into remission. Thank God!!!

Tragically on Thursday, Rae and Joe's daughter in law passed away from cancer. She is the mother of Ben. She also has 2 other children. Andrea was Canadian. Rest in peace Andrea. You were part of a wonderful family who loved you so much. Andrea was around my age.

I hope and pray that the Vohland's never suffer any more tragedy in their lives. They are the most loving family. They are all there for each other and love each other. They never bicker amongst each other and it is so refreshing to see.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I am sorry to hear about your gosh that is alot for a family to take...
I love your dolls..I can't wait to see do awesome work...I need to find your picture trail..I want to get inspiration so I can do those patterns justice..:) have a wonderful week...:)