Monday, 3 August 2009

Tartan Day...Aberdeen

We have a fantastic four days with our cousins...who are leaving us in the morning..I can feel a song coming on....please don't go...don't go....I beggin' ya please don't go. We have had a great time...and after the camera is charged I will give you a blow by blow description of the holiday.

Yesterday we went to Tartan Day in this is a true story...The big bloke in the kilt does not have on how do I know that you ask...well.....Pete's workmate was there and does reinactments...and when the big Scot was setting up he was exposing workmate had to keep the wenches in the tent so as not to get them too excited....or in shock.

Now the baby.....isn't he gorgeous!!!! I did ask what he had under his kilt...and was told that he definately had a nappy I just wanted to keep him!!!!


WoolenSails said...

Love tartans and the baby is just too cute in his.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well thanks for the visual Robby on the bloke up top..geez louise..but that baby is oh so cute in his little kilt and love his little shoes..glad you all had a great I have that song in my that song by the way..;)

Robby said...

lol....Gina...I know you needed to know the whole story..see...everytime you see that will know the xxxRobby