Thursday, 27 August 2009

My old school photos.

An old school friend had these on facebook. I love them. Thanks Raelene!!!

I am the little girl sitting at the front on the right.

In this photo I am at the back on the left next to my favorite teacher, Miss Hickey. She is now Mrs Ryan. Funny how things have changed...for the better...mmm don't know. She took me to her parents farm for a holiday one year. She was so special to me. We had a lovely bond.

I am at the front on the left. I am sitting next to my friend, Diane. I was just talking about Diane the other day and blow me down...she contacted me through facebook. Now I didn't know her married name and she didn't know mine...but she still found me. I had great teachers in primary school and Mr Harvey was great. Firm but fair.

I am at the front on the left again.

I am on the front left again. Mr Mau had great handwriting. I just thought he was a great person.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

it looks like you only with more hair..and your hair got lighter through the years..cute photos...facebook has been really good to you as far as finding people..have a great rest of your week..:)

Robby said...

Jordan picked me out in each photo. Actually I think my hair is darker is almost black with the red in it. Only one more day till the weekend. I have actually started sewing too!!! xxxRobby