Monday, 3 August 2009

Click photos to enlarge them. You can see the beauty a lot better.

Mica, Brennan and Jordan were playing with Lily. She followed us down to the beach. The kids figured out her favorite game...they threw rocks for her to fetch. Jordan is a clever kid. He checked her tag and rang the owner. Howard is a really nice, friendly person. Down further you will see his house. Earlier I had said to Chris that I would love to live there. He also has dorm styled accommodation and a cottage to rent. If anyone wants to come over for a crafting holiday...let me know.
This is Chris at Dunottar. It is so peaceful there. It is a must see castle. My calves are still remembering it...go to older photos and you will see the stairs leading to it.
This is Chris on the beach in Cullen. It was a beautiful day.
Mica, Pete, Brennan and Jordan in Aberdeen. I love Mica's smile in this picture. What a lovely little lady!!!!
This is Mike (Pete's cousin) listening to the band. He is a musician...but doesn't play country music...I need to turn him if he wants to live in my
This is the band playing at Tartan Day in Aberdeen. Chris asked if there were places that you could see people in kilts and bagpipes playing....I told her no...then we saw the sign for Tartan Day...they got to see all things Scottish...amazing!!!
The drummer on the right is so small...when her drum is cannot see her I wonder what they are saying?
The grey house is where Howard lives. I told him that he has the perfect house...he said to come back in February and see if I still had the same opinion. Isn't the setting perfect!!! This is in Cullen.
The viaduct and bridge at that photos...wish I had a superly dooperly camera!!!
Pennan is along the coastline. I have posted a pic of it before but from the top of the road...this is from the little fisherman's village.

Well I hope you have enjoyed sightseeing with me again. Our cousins have headed back home to Devon and have enjoyed their Scottish holiday. I hope they come back again to visit. We had a very busy and enjoyable 4 days. We crammed heaps in....I think 7 days would have seen all of the highlights of the area. We missed out on going to Loch Ness and lots more.

Well my calve muscles are screaming at me....and I am pooped...need to make our bed...and the boys can sleep downstairs for another night. I don't have the energy to change the beds today.

So...who is coming to stay with us???? Rules HAVE to be nice...have a great sense of tolerant of a 12 year old and a 10 year old...enjoy seeing new things...easy going.

Post script: Now I know why I was a day out with the boys dates are a day behind. This is Tuesday the 4th of August...not Monday!!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photos of everything..glad you had a wonderful howard place...:) it reminds me of ireland..beautiful place..I would love to come (wish I could afford it) cause I am all of the above and would love to play with your two boys..probably more then you..okay that is a and I would be dangerous together...:)

Robby said...

you never know when you can afford it...and the invite is always open for you. xxxRobby

WoolenSails said...

I can't find an email link on your sites, so writing here.
What is it you want me to make the stocking for?
I am finishing up another one with the pumpkin angel, but changed it to include the sitting cat and a pumpkin. I need to get back to mine and lynettes next.